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Education Programs

Short & impactful

These virtual education sessions are designed to give your team members a reset, so they can again do what they do best.

Potential Topics Include:

(You might like one or you might like three)

Mindset Renewal
Transform the obstacles that you can't control into opportunities.

High-Performing Habits
Get more done, in less time, with fewer mistakes.

Self-Care is a Self-Protection Strategy
Non-negotiable boundaries to help improve mental health and cope with setbacks.

Be Your CEO (Chief Energy Optimiser)
Sleep, movement and nourishment habits that will improve your professional capacity.


Duration: Up to 45mins

Most Popular

Signature Program

Resilience Recharge


Uplifting bite-sized LIVE virtual masterclasses that will transform your team's connection with each other and their ability to persevere in this ever-changing business environment.


When you book this program for your team, you will experience:

1. Less attrition 

2. Better morale and engagement

3. Greater productivity

4. Improved culture

5. Less stress, fatigue and burnout


Duration: 3 x 40mins


These impactful masterclasses will create behaviour change. They can be tailored for your virtual or in-house professional development calendar, conference add-ons, or off-site retreat programs.


Future-proof Your Workplace
How to create a culture of care so you and your team are psychologically safe, more resilient to change and can deal better with uncertainty.


Resilient Female Leaders
The courage, confidence and capability to step up and speak out while giving your colleagues the best of you, rather than what is left of you.


Self-Leadership: Surviving to Thriving
Improve your professional impact as an emerging leader by proactively leading yourself.


Duration: Up to 2hrs

Workplace Resilience Project

“Everyone wants to work here”.

Would you like a resilient organisation that deals better with change, uncertainty and stress?
Would you like to build a sustainable culture of care?
Would you like resilient leaders who accelerate your organisation’s performance?

Coming soon.

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How Resilient Are You?

Do you know the impact these stressful and uncertain times are having on you?
Take this 3min Quiz
to find out


You don’t wake up one morning burnt out. Avoid procrastination, overwhelm and mental health issues for yourself and your team members by understanding the warning signs that your body and brain are sending.

During this session you will learn:

  1. To map out your own response to work stress and identify the physical, behavioural and performance warning signs before breaking down.
  2. How to harness your freeze, flight and fight responses to get more done in less time.
  3. How to choose the most relevant and impactful de-stress strategy that you can immediately implement.