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The Resilient Leader Program

How to Deal Better with Stress, Uncertainty and Change

This online program will help you to:

  1. Build your leadership capabilities so your team look to you for direction and stability.
  2. Better manage stress so you can bend rather than break during these high-pressured times.
  3. Improve your mood and mental health so you easily find solutions rather than problems.
  4. Strengthen your resilience bucket to ensure forward motion in these times of uncertainty.
  5. Become the boss of your thoughts not the slave to them.

This Content Is Excellent

“Not only am I learning so much about improving my professional resilience but Heidi is incredibly engaging, authentic and humble which makes her a pleasure to watch and listen to. Thank you Heidi for sharing your insights and personality.”

Emma Babbage, Lecturer and Tutor, Southern Cross University

 What’s Involved in Module 1?

  • Measure your Resilience – before and after online scorecard
  • 3 part video program delivered via email with Heidi Dening as facilitator
  • Digital workbook for your notes
  • Action items and accountability

+ PLUS +

  • 1 coaching conversation with Heidi so she can give you extra support and direction on how to be a resilient leader during these times of stress, uncertainty and change.

Valued @ $599pp

To support you as a leader during these very difficult times, I am gifting you module one for $199.

You can then decide if you would like the rest of the program at a later date.

Our Senior Leaders Can Now Handle These Difficult Times

“Having had the privilege to be a participant in Heidi Dening’s “Resilient Leader Program” I can tell you that it has been a fantastic benefit to our leaders given the pressure that has been put on everyone at work! Having a team of senior leaders that are capable of handling the difficult times and showing strong leadership gives everyone in our business the confidence that things will be ok and we got each other’s back. This is critical to having our teams performing to their peak for our customers at such an important time – without worrying about matters they don’t control.

We were fortunate to be guided on how to fill our “Resilience Buckets” at Metcash last year!”

Roger Cengarle, Metcash

How Resilient Are You?

Do you know the impact these stressful and uncertain times are having on you?

Take this 3min Quiz
to find out

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 Get Module 1 
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How Resilient Are You?

Do you know the impact these stressful and uncertain times are having on you?
Take this 3min Quiz
to find out


You don’t wake up one morning burnt out. Avoid procrastination, overwhelm and mental health issues for yourself and your team members by understanding the warning signs that your body and brain are sending.

During this session you will learn:

  1. To map out your own response to work stress and identify the physical, behavioural and performance warning signs before breaking down.
  2. How to harness your freeze, flight and fight responses to get more done in less time.
  3. How to choose the most relevant and impactful de-stress strategy that you can immediately implement.

The Full Potential Teams
Brochure Includes:

  1. The flexible options you can choose from so we can work together.
  2. Information about the twelve education modules for you to choose from and the learning outcomes you can expect.
  3. All the bells and whistles that your investment includes.
  4. The ROI on prioritizing professional development for your teams.
  5. About your facilitators – Nina Mapson Bone and Heidi Dening.
  6. How your investment will make a difference to an indigenous community.
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