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Team Workshops

Retain your best people. Reduce your team’s stress. Reignite your business potential.

Distraction, Exhaustion and Stress

How To Strengthen the Resilience of Your Teams and Your Business

In today’s high-pressure, demanding and ever-changing economy, it’s hard to feel energised and focused throughout the workday. When our physical and mental health are not prioritised, our ability to perform and be effective becomes unreliable.

This workshop is for all team members (from the owner through to the intern), and will ensure attendees are able to recognise and map out the warning signs of stress, build their resilience, maintain focus, and avoid spiraling out of control into burn-out. The result? Renewed optimism, productivity and the ability to perform better under pressure.

Courageous Self-Leadership


The Art Of Flipping Adversity On Its Head So Your True Potential Can Shine


It is the authentic, resilient, and gutsy self-leaders who are making the biggest difference to our workplaces and our world, and this workshop uncovers the strategies to transform business challenges into performance by embracing a self-leadership mindset. 

Your team members will master the art of self-acceptance after setbacks, gain clarity on how to steer their inner compass, and be empowered to focus on opportunities so they can bend rather than break during high-pressured times.

The impact of this workshop will create teams of determined self-leaders who will confidently influence themselves as well as others, easily adapt to change, and trigger positive transformation for your business.


By investing in your people and creating a positive workplace culture, your business is in a better position to:

  1. Retain talent: If employees take an unfavourable view of their organisation’s promotion of health and wellbeing, they are four times more likely to leave in the next 12 months.
  2. Improve productivity and engagement: Presenteeism costs Australian companies around $26 billion each year. It’s no secret that healthy workers are more focused and perform better.
  3. Minimise stress-related costs: Workplace stress costs Australian companies around $200 million each year. That’s why easy-to-implement resilience building strategies are so valuable to your business.
  4. Create loyal employees: Employees who feel valued and cared for by their leaders contribute to them staying loyal and engaged with your business. Did you know, that 1 in 4 of the emerging workforce will leave your business in the next 12 months if they don’t agree with your workplace wellness strategy?


(1 – 3 hours)

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