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Webinars and Workshops

Can be delivered as live webinars, pre-recorded masterclasses, or in-house workshops (complying with Govt. regulations).

You choose the level of engagement and interaction for your workplace, as we can include an online resilience scorecard, digital workbook, live polling, Q&A, interactive activities, extra resources, fun prizes to encourage engagement, pre-work and/or post-program action plans.

Can be adapted to suit your needs, with lengths of between 40mins through to half-day programs.

One of the Best and Most Inspiring Webinars I have seen

“There are at least two things that differentiate Heidi’s work from that of many others who are out there presenting on the same or similar topics. The first is her passion and skill in engaging her audience. In a word, she presents with heart. Secondly, she presents clear, specific and practical tips and strategies, including calls to action, ensuring that her content is brought to life.”

Shane Johnson, Talent Acquisition Relationship Manager, Telstra

Courageous Self-leadership during times of change

Improve Your Professional Impact by Proactively Leading Yourself

This self-leadership presentation is designed to give you the courage and ability to lead your company, your team and even your community during times of change. When those around you are paralysed by fear, learn to adapt, innovate and keep your momentum flowing through tough times.

You will learn:

  • How to dramatically improve your impact by embracing one self-leadership trait.
  • Four resilience building habits that successful leaders prioritise and how to apply them to your life.
  • How to manage your stress so you can courageously lead with empathy and effectiveness.

    Solid Tips

    “Heidi’s webinar was one of the best sessions I’ve been to recently. It was great to get some solid tips. Thanks again for your insights. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to hear you talk.”

    Karen Hunkin, Commercial Products and Marketing

    tough times don’t last. Resilient people do

    Are You Mastering Your Resilience and Performing at your Best?

    This presentation is designed to help you find the courage to build your resilience so you can navigate better out of tough times. Whether you are experiencing financial challenges, job insecurity, workplace dramas, or personal pressures, this impactful session will help you build your resilience and create a positive plan for life.

    You will learn:

    • To be the boss of your thoughts, not the slave of them.
    • How to disconnect, so you can reconnect with yourself and what’s most important to your life right now.

    • To proactively build your resilience so you can bend rather than break during high-pressured times..

    Expert in Her Field

    “What I enjoyed most about her recent webinar was her cool, calm and authoritative voice in the midst of what is a pretty chaotic time. Her tips and expertise are practical and relevant for anyone wanting to grow their resilience and become a better version of themselves.”

    Anita Galliford, Chief of Business Development, ODE Management

    cool, calm and collected in a challenging world

    How to Manage your Stress and Cope Better with Uncertainty 

    This wellbeing presentation is designed to show you simple, actionable micro-changes that you can make in life, to transform daily stress and feelings of uncertainty into productivity and performance. These strategies will help you take back control of your life even when family, flatmates, fur-babies and frequent work distractions are preventing you from moving into a calm state of focus and flow.

    You will learn:

    • How to recognise the warning signs of burnout before it’s too late.

    • Structured self-care habits to help you focus and concentrate when it matters, and rest and rejuvenate when it’s needed.

    • A four-part resilience formula to help you remain cool, calm and collected in this ever-changing world.

    Engaging and Interactive

    “Having recently attended a webinar that Heidi conducted, I was really impressed with how engaging and interactive it was and the quality of the content under discussion. So many practical tips shared. I enjoyed the webinar, learned a lot and would highly recommend Heidi’s webinars.”

    Jason Silverstone, Medical Director

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