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This Book Is Captivating, Tangible, Compelling And A Glorious Gift To The World

Gut-wrenching, empowering, and thoroughly pragmatic. ‘Her Middle Name is Courage’ is an impossible to ignore, call to action, for anyone who wants to do more, be more, have more, and give more. Heidi Dening is indeed gutsy and this book will remind you how gutsy you can be. Having this depth of courage and this level of resilience is essential for leaders if they want to shine in their workplaces. For those who lack confidence or direction it is known that we often do our best reflection, decision-making and planning outside of office hours. This is a book that facilitates that development journey.”

Cath Nolan, Gender Gap Gone

A Triumphant Story Of Resilience

“Her Middle Name Is Courage’ is an inspiring, yet practical book from an authentic leader who has risen from adversities and now shares her positive insights so we can all learn to step into our true potential. Heidi’s stories of transformation and truth telling are relevant to everyone who is ready to find their own courage and be the great self-leader they are destined to be. Like the Phoenix, she has regenerated and resurrected to become an even more determined, resilient, inspiring, healthy, and regal woman than she was before. I love her teachings about the Resilience Bucket and can see how these strategies would make a huge impact on workplaces around the country.”

Sarah Fisher, BigFish Consultancy

A Courageous Book By A Courageous Person

“Heidi has faced adversity that would leave most of us quivering in the corner asking for a cease-fire. Instead, she has shown us through her actions, and now her words, how to build self-leadership and grow from the unwanted cruel lessons that chose to test her fortitude. Lucky for us, she is here and sharing her techniques for not just surviving adversity but thriving because of it. This book is filled with wonderful stories and powerful lessons that individuals, teams and companies could learn from to transform their challenging situations into positive opportunities.“

Guy Newman, Newmemory Australia

This Is The Book That Just Might Change Your Life

"We need a bigger word for courage when it comes to describing Heidi’s stories that she so humbly shares here. The inspiration and clarity will come quickly. You will feel stronger, more self aware and ready to conquer, once you have immersed yourself in ‘Her Middle Name is Courage.’ There is no victim to be found, only wisdom and determination. They say we all have a book in us and it thrills me to know that Heidi typed hers out for us all to learn from. It’s both validating and thought-provoking to read, whilst providing a practical lens for those of us who want to learn more and be more. The insights, learnings and stories just kept on coming. Self-leadership is something we all need to have top of mind regardless of industry, role or position. Resilience is a life skill that changes who we are and how we lead in the world. And that’s all covered here in one book! If you want to know who you are really capable of being, then this is the book for you."

Lisa Stephenson, Lisa Stephenson Consulting

Everyone In My Life Needs To Read This Book

“Heidi Dening has written an utterly compelling masterpiece of a book in honesty, resilience, determination, authenticity and courage. I am blown away with the adversities she has endured, yet carries it all with such effortless grace. This book is outstanding - I want to shout it from the rooftops and buy a copy for everyone on the planet so we can make this world a better place.”

Susan Watts, S J Consulting Group LLC

Courageous By Definition

adjective; - not deterred by danger or pain; brave. This is the story of Heidi Dening… 

“What an amazing story of resilience, persistence and determination. A true lesson book for any experienced or aspiring leader who wants to truly grow as a person, develop their emotional intelligence and live a life of fulfilment. Heidi highlights the absolute necessity for a leader to be able to self-reflect, focus on their strengthsdispel self-limiting beliefs and gain the guts to positively influence their own life first, in order to become a truly inspirational leader in every area of their life, in every relationship - someone that can focus on the good in every situation and positively influence themselves as well as others.

This book is an essential read for every human wanting to find their true meaning and unleash their God-given potential, while here in this life…truly inspirational!”

Jerry Kennard, Evoke Projects

Some Chapters Are Like The Gripping Movies We Yearn To Discover

"Reading ‘Her Middle Name Is Courage’ is a bit like catching up with an old friend, whilst at the same time learning from one of your most respected mentors. It’s a book you want to settle in to, it keeps you interested so that you don’t want to leave it, and some of the chapters are like the gripping movies we yearn to discover. It’s a very moving book, I will be honest, I was brought to tears reading it on a number of occasions, but I also rejoiced in the inspiration and the learning to be gained from it. There are so many incredible insights to learn from, you almost want to start right back at the beginning again to read it all over just to make sure you fully take it all in. This book is so relevant for everyone at all levels, and it really needs to be shared!
Nikki Beaumont, Beaumont People.

Nikki Beaumont, Beaumont People

Heidi Takes The Concept Of Self-Leadership To A Whole New Level

“She talks to the courage that is in all of us, and she leads the way giving us ideas and inspiration to enlighten our own journeys. Heidi is a way-shower, a path-maker, and a light-bearer to stimulate all of us to keep our own journeys alive and kicking. She speaks from a lived experience that is authentic, compelling and loving. Read this book - it will be good for your soul."

Bil Carson, Inspire Learning

These Stories Are So Inspiring - What A Privilege To Read It

“It was perfect timing for me to gain inspiration from Heidi. Her ability to put things in perspective and provide the reader with real workable solutions is incredible. Heidi is a passionate and gifted author who reaches her readers in just the right way to inspire change. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Her Middle Name Is Courage.”

Melony dos Remedios, Personal Training Academy

A Life-Empowering Primer

“Her Middle Name is Courage is for anyone searching for a roadmap to create a more direct and powerful life-path. Heidi has faced adversity and hardship and seen her dreams explode quite literally at her feet, yet, she’s managed to dust herself off, always ready for the next challenge. Her unfettered determination can teach us not only about refusing to succumb to adversity but also how to position ourselves as leaders to make a positive change."

Andrea Levin, Emmy Award Winning Writer and Producer

This Book Encourages Us To Be More Courageous

“Heidi is a great communicator and inspires me through this book to look deep within myself and see what courage lies within. Through the challenges she has faced in life, she has been able to successfully self reflect and use this as a catalyst to personal freedom and health. This in turn, helps us all to reflect and take on some of her learnings to be more courageous and better individuals."

Jemie Getgood, Getgood Consultancy

🍷 Wine & Wisdom 📕

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