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Virtual Testimonials

Best Presenter We Have Ever Had

Goes out of her way to tailor a keynote

“Heidi gave keynotes over 4 days for our virtual event at Service NSW. The experience with Heidi was amazing. From the initial contact to the actual keynote at our events, everything felt so personal. Our employees loved Heidi's energy, her story and the very practical tips she shared. She clearly cares about her clients and will go out of her way to tailor a keynote that works for you. We are so grateful for Heidi at a time when resilience is key."

Naushin Khan, Engagement Advisor and Events, Service NSW

I've never seen a more engaged and inspired audience.

“Heidi hosted a presentation for our staff, and honestly, I’ve never seen a more engaged and inspired audience! During a time where staff needed respite from the array of COVID-19 challenges, Heidi was a shining light - so authentic and genuine in her delivery and sharing her story with such warmth and vulnerability. Thank you Heidi for sharing such timely messages and inspiring our staff to pause and take some time to care for themselves."

Riarne McCormack, HR Strategy and Development, Deakin University

Let's Be Honest, There are Many Speakers Out There, but Noone like Heidi

“Heidi is truly an inspiring, engaging & empowering individual who had the team hooked within the first five minutes of our 3-part virtual program during mental health month. Heidi was able to relate to the team and their current situation and provide real strategies to manage such. Still to this day, the team speak of Heidi and ask as to when the next session will be.”

Cory Cvetkovic, MD Haworth, Australia & NZ

Vibrant and Engaging on Stage, Equally Amazing in a Virtual Environment

“Heidi is the master at helping individuals and organisations build resilience so they are better equipped to handle the tough stuff when it is thrown their way. She has lived through some of the toughest moments and has had to find her way back. It is this experience and her powerful storytelling that strengthens her messages and resonates deeply with audiences. I love that Heidi gives leaders permission to work on themselves first and they walk away with an action plan they can implement right away.”

Claire Baines, GM, Hands Across The Water

Best and Most Inspiring Webinar I Have Seen

“There are at least two things that differentiate Heidi's work from that of many others who are out there presenting on the same or similar topics. The first is her passion and skill in engaging her audience. In a word, she presents with heart. Secondly, she presents clear, specific and practical tips and strategies, including calls to action, ensuring that her content is brought to life.”

Shane Johnson, Talent Acquisition Relationship Manager, Telstra

Managed the Hybrid Audience Very Professionally

“Not only was the session valuable for the team so we are ready to cope with all of life's professional and personal challenges, but you delivered it with such enthusiasm and honesty. I would highly recommend other organisations to do your workshop.”

Anna Gosden-Baker, MLC Australia, PA

Fun, Friendly and Practical

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Heidi Dening! Heidi never fails to deliver a high value, energetic and engaging session on resilience and self-leadership, with so many practical tips and take away’s. Her style is always fun, friendly and interactive and we've had some of the best feedback from her sessions, because she really knows how to connect with her audience. I cannot recommend Heidi enough, she's an absolute delight to work with.”

Nikki Beaumont, CEO, Beaumont People

A Webinar with Effective Action Points

“Heidi’s material was incredibly useful to our current situation with simple and effective actions points that will stick with me. She was friendly, focused, and demonstrated exceptional knowledge and her story was heartfelt, inspiring and motivating, even via a video screen.”

Sheena Stow-Smith, MD, AdviceLink Financial Planning

Engaging and Interactive

“Having recently attended a webinar that Heidi conducted, I was really impressed with how engaging and interactive it was and the quality of the content under discussion. So many practical tips shared. I enjoyed the webinar, learned a lot and would highly recommend Heidi’s webinars.”

Jason Silverstone, Medical Director

Expert in Her Field

“What I enjoyed most about her recent webinar was her cool, calm and authoritative voice in the midst of what is a pretty chaotic time. Her tips and expertise are practical and relevant for anyone wanting to grow their resilience and become a better version of themselves.”

Anita Galliford, Chief of Business Development, ODE Management

Outstanding Feedback

“Heidi seamlessly adapted her content and style to make her content really pertinent for our community, with practical tips and useful reminders to help us all stay our very best mentally and emotionally as we've navigated the last 2 months. If you are looking for a resilience expert who can adapt to any one situation, Heidi is the person for you.”

Nina Mapson Bone, MD, Beaumont People

Solid Tips

“Heidi’s webinar was one of the best sessions I've been to recently. It was great to get some solid tips. Thanks again for your insights. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to hear you talk.”

Karen Hunkin, Commercial Products and Marketing

Recommendations that Strongly Resonate

“Heidi has an extremely engaging presentation style - her authenticity and passion shine through. Although I’ve heard the same messages before, Heidi’s real life examples and recommendations strongly resonate. I’m enjoying implementing her tips and highly recommend Heidi for delivering presentations with impact and sincerity.”

Phillipa Lee, CEO, Consultancy

Such an Insightful Webinar

“I attended Heidi's 'Cool, Calm and Collected - How to Courageously Manage Your Stress and Cope Better with Uncertainty' webinar. Even over video, Heidi's insight and practical tips on how to manage stress really resonated with me. Regardless of what stage of the stress map you are, you can definitely take something away from Heidi.” 

Megan van der Hoeven, Digital Communications, Government Sector

Your Investment Will Make an Impact

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How Resilient Are You?

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You don’t wake up one morning burnt out. Avoid procrastination, overwhelm and mental health issues for yourself and your team members by understanding the warning signs that your body and brain are sending.

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  2. How to harness your freeze, flight and fight responses to get more done in less time.
  3. How to choose the most relevant and impactful de-stress strategy that you can immediately implement.