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Wine and Wisdom

Wine and Wisdom is a monthly show via Facebook Live where Heidi brings together inspiring humans from across the globe who share their incredible stories about resilience, courage, self-leadership, wellbeing and rising above adversity. Oh yes... and they also enjoy a wine, a giggle and the wisdom that they have learnt from their inspiring lives, while answering questions from everyone who is tuned in.

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Latest Episodes

Podcast with Dr Katrina Warren

Pets Provide Mental Health Magic

Podcast with Channel 7 Mark Beretta

Courageous Stories About Our Olympic Athletes

David Knoff Interview

Life-changing Insights From Extreme Antarctic Isolation

Paul Dunn B1G1

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Paul Dunn B1G1

Intergenerational Trauma. Have you been affected?

Paul Dunn B1G1

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Podcast with Leanne Pilkington

Trends That Shape and Improve Our Communities

Podcast with Leanne Pilkington

Is It Time To Re-write The Story You Are Telling Yourself?

The Courage to Fight Human Trafficking

Rachel Lowry, WWF Australia

Healthspan Vs. Lifespan

The Importance of Connection Through People, Culture and Cuisines

How a Bucket List Will Improve Your Mental Health

Rachel Lowry, WWF Australia

Future-proof Australia By Revitalising Our Wildlife

Turning Adversity into Advantage

Doing Good By Doing Good

Adversities That Shape Us

A Thriving Mind Creates a Thriving Life

“R U OK?” Self-Care Strategies for 2021

Harassment: Can There Be Sunshine After The Storm?

Will Our Travel Industry Bounce Back?

A One Way Ticket to Mars. Would you have the Courage?

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Unleash Your Creativity at Work

Leadership Through a Crisis – What Do Australians Really Want?

Financial Resilience - Prepare for a Brighter Future

Courageous Reinvention Post COVID-19

How Great Workplace Design Improves Productivity and Profitability

Working From Home – How To Be Productive, Healthy and Happy

How To Build A Resilient Organisation – Insights from a Special Operations Medic

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