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Fatigue –> Exhaustion –> Burnout: It’s A Slippery Slope

Are you starting to feel fatigued from this marathon of a pandemic or are you actually getting closer to being completely burnt out?

During a recent poll that I took with just under 400 leaders from the financial industry during my webinar called ‘Resilience & your Leadership in a Changing World’, 61% of them reported to being either stressed out or burnt out. This is a frightening statistic.

We know that a little bit of stress can be motivating, it can challenge us & help us to meet deadlines but what we must become aware of is that tipping point when we start to slide down the slippery slope to burnout.

The thing is, we don’t wake up one morning burnt out. It’s more like a slow gas leak that we have been ignoring.      Click to tweet    Our brain & body will send us warning signs to let us know that we are not coping, but the problem is we often choose to ignore these signals. Some of them may include:

Care Factor

We lose interest in our favourite work projects, podcasts, social catchups or even Netflix.


We struggle to fall asleep & stay asleep.

Brain Function

We make silly mistakes, forget things or lose concentration easily.

Physical Health

Tummy troubles, cold sores, headaches or inflammation.

Mental Health

Cranky, teary, anxious, or depressed.

Do you recognise these warning signs when your colleagues are ‘tipping over’? Do you recognise them in yourself?

I was recently interviewed about this topic by the very talented and articulate Mitchell Dye on his radio show 94.7 The Pulse, which he then published on his podcast called ‘Mitchell’s Front Page. You can watch and listen to it here.

If you would like me to discuss this topic on your radio show, TV segment or during a webinar for your team or industry association members, please schedule in a chat with me.

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You don’t wake up one morning burnt out. Avoid procrastination, overwhelm and mental health issues for yourself and your team members by understanding the warning signs that your body and brain are sending.

During this session you will learn:

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