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Future-proof Australia by Revitalising our Wildlife

How do we future-proof Australia and ensure we are resilient enough to deal with catastrophic events such as the 2019/2020 bushfires? WWF have the answer.

In this episode with Rachel, I ask her:

  1. How have the 2019-20 bushfires impacted Australian wildlife?
  2. What’s needed to recover Koala’s across Eastern Australia?
  3. Is the government doing enough to recover Australia’s species?
  4. You recently launched a campaign called Regenerate Australia, what inspired that program?
  5. And so much more.

To watch this inspiring episode, click the video link below, or if you would prefer to read the full transcript click the blue button under the video.

#RegenerteAustralia #FightExtinction #KoalasForever

About Rachel Lowry:

Rachel is the Chief Conservation Officer at WWF Australia, Past President of International Zoo Educators Association and former Chair of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Rachel leads a team at WWF Australia focused on delivering transformational conservation results across Healthy Land and Seascapes, Threatened Species, Climate and Food Security. Rachel has been an advisor to Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner for the past 5 years and currently sits on Advisory Boards for both Parks Victoria and the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining WWF, Rachel led Zoos Victoria’s Conservation and Education agenda as Director of Wildlife Conservation and Science, overseeing the development and delivery of Zoos Victoria’s 30-million-dollar Wildlife Conservation Master Plan. Rachel has developed award winning programs that have tackled conservation and sustainability issues both locally and globally, with the Don’t Palm us Off campaign influencing the procurement and labelling of palm oil within Australia and abroad. Rachel was awarded Sustainability Leader of the year by WME (2010) and was profiled in Melbourne’s Top 100 most influential people through The Age newspaper (2011). In 2016, the Australian Geographic Magazine listed Rachel amongst Australia’s Top 30 conservationists. In 2018 Rachel’s contribution to conservation and gender equity in the workplace was recognised when she was awarded a position on the Top 50 Women in the Victorian Public Service by the Institute of Public Administration Australia. Rachel’s current focus at WWF is to lead an innovative, solution-focussed team that secures a New Deal for People and Nature.

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