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How a Bucket List will Improve Your Mental Health

A global pandemic does not have to stop you from writing and striving towards doing the things in life that you should do today…not later. Our mental health will definitely benefit by looking towards things that give us hope and joy.

In this episode with Trav, I ask him:

  1. How does a bucket list positively impact our mental health?
  2. Why is a bucket list still so important in times where we think there is nothing to look forward to?
  3. What bucket list item has made the biggest difference to his life.
  4. And so much more.

To watch this inspiring episode, click the video link below, or if you would prefer to read the full transcript click the blue button under the video.

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well hello

and welcome to the wine and wisdom show

thank you for joining me on a wednesday


for those of you in sydney in love down


major restrictions uh ah

gee i know it’s hard we’re all we’re

apparently all in it together i’m not

sure so sure about that but that’s a

whole other conversation

but if you’re here for the very first

time thank you for coming and joining us


um to see our incredible guests that

we’ve got

for those of you who are returning i

so appreciate you coming back and

i think you know that although this show

says it’s all about wine and wisdom

and all of those types of things i mean

the true

the true essence of this show is all

about connection

and i think we can definitely agree on

the fact that

over the last 15 months

as humans we have craved more than ever

to be connected with other great humans


let me tell you tonight is going to be

one of those nights where you will feel

that way

now i’ve been very lucky throughout my

lifetime to

professionally and personally be

surrounded by

incredible humans that are really

resilient and courageous

and they are the ones sprinkling

amazingness around our globe in big and

small ways

certainly trav tonight is going to talk

to you about how

he is doing that but before we do that

i would firstly just like to

acknowledge the traditional owners and

custodians and elders spread across the

many lands

that we are all located on tonight i’m

i’m personally coming you

to you from the lands of the

birrabirragal people

um in balmain in sydney and but i pay my


to all these traditional owners who have

nurtured and protected

this wonderful country that we all get

to work

from home from live and play in

so thank you for everyone for being here


now let’s get started we have got an

incredible guest

tonight uh trav bell in fact

it’s really he’s got a really

interesting backstop

story that is actually paralleled a

little bit to mine which

uh is something that we’ve recently

found out

well even though we kind of knew it back

then but uh

trav is actually i’m gonna just bring

out what i talk about it because

otherwise it seems a little bit weird

hello trav i’m gonna bring you up and

say hi first before i introduce you

otherwise that’s really weird to have

you down there not seeing us

thank you heidi stoke to be on

thank you and um trav’s drinking water

but you know i’ve got a battery

chardonnay again you know

he’s not in lockdown so he’s not like

looking for this kind of joy in his day

as much as i

can i’ve been in lockdown

if it makes you feel better i’ve just

had a pepsi max so i’ve just come back

from the gym well i

i haven’t had that in 30 years so i

don’t know there you go i haven’t had

wine for about 30 years so um

no no we’ve done the lockdown thing

we’ve done the lockdown thing here in


and we’ve been through it all and we’ve

just come out of our fifth one

so get ready for it and i just want to

apologise you know apparently all

victorians are blaming

new south wales people for their fifth

lockdown um

if you’re feeling that way i do

apologise it wasn’t my personal fault

let me tell you you you know you do what

you do and you do it really well but you

don’t run a removalist company do you

i do not no i do not right well you

wouldn’t admit to it in this day and age

definitely not

that it’s not my it’s not one of my side

hustles definitely not

yeah yeah so everybody who’s watching

thank you so much for being here whether

you’re watching us live

or whether you’ll be coming to us


um my wonderful guest for tonight is

travel who has he self-proclaimed the

the bucket list guy and of course he

should still proclaim that because

truly what he’s been doing in the world

is incredible but trev i i’d love you to

take us back a little bit

and talk to me about

you know what brought you to this place

that you are in

now uh what was the background how did

you get here

why are you the bucket list guy

yeah well someone called me the bucket

this guy about 10 years ago

um i i like you heidi we know each other

from the fitness industry but yeah

i do and uh i i did i grew up at you


surfing surf lifesaving and pretty much

as a jock i ended up doing a

that you know that led me on to do a um


a physio degree at victoria university

and then third year uni

this guy by the name of tony stewart uh

was doing this thing called personal

training and tony hewitt was

you may or may not know who tony is but

he he was daryl summers personal trainer

back in the day i thought he was i’m

from the country you know

i’m i’m from ocean grove here on the

coast and i thought oh that’s

that’s rockstar you know and this is


pre-google machine pre-crack book pre

insta crack

you know and at the end of the day

i i was just fascinated with it because

there wasn’t this industry of personal

training there was probably only a

handful of personal trainers really


around matt church and yeah had started

up there in sydney and craig harper down


i know the ap what year are you talking

about right now

early 90s early 90s yep yep

we’re early 90s so yeah we’ve just come

out of the leotard boom

um yeah you know you know what we just

we just finished with we’ve just

finished with step reebok

what are we girls we used to our leg

warmers we used to have leg warmers at

the bottom of our

near our shoes that matter what do you

mean just girls

what do you mean oh yeah sorry sorry

yeah now this is this is in the day of

like short short shorts

yeah and uh yeah um

play on with that visual um look at no

and tony was doing this thing for

personal training and for beer money

during uni i was a kids swimming teacher

because i grew up as a swimmer

and um and so i never had a job

other than that i was a i was a a a

beach lifeguard

during summer as well a paid lifeguard

down here in victoria

that was about it and uh he was doing

the and i was just fascinated with it

you know and he was getting paid quite

well per hour and i’m like

tell me about it and so he really became

my first mentor and he was like

subscribe to this magazine

go on go and see heidi dinning you know

at filex and

going uh you know which is a fitness

industry convention it was you know like

i didn’t

buy this book et cetera and i just i

just went into it and so by

the end of third year uni and this is

pre-internet you know

um with not that many models around to


uh yeah i i had i had a full book of

clients by the time i finished uni and i

was like well am i going to be

kids high schools you know visit teacher

or get into personal training so that

my record was 63 one-hour mobile

sessions in a week

whoa so you did you know what that’s

one-on-ones two or one-on-ones one on


so you get that my goal yeah yeah so

and i i held that level for about three

years like i was a psycho

and but i’ve always i always loved

you know helping people i always loved

that’s why i do a lot of coaching and

speaking now really coach

you know speaking is coaching one to

many right

yeah so i um i

then you know got a was my first studio

i had

we had mobile trainers everywhere and

then in melbourne had uh got my first

personal training studio

in richmond had 13 personal trainers

working for me in the first studio

um and then i

i you know i didn’t do my maths right

now i

was a great personal trainer but a

business person

got a business coach i went nearly went

under slept in my studio for about a

year a year later though

he actually asked me asked me what do

you want to do you know with

by me being a business coach and i said

i want to be the first to franchise

personal training studios in australia

no one had done it so uh okay yep

before simo before

you know simo and jeffrey came down and

said i was doing it

and uh but at the end of the day and

simmer if you’re watching this

i might i know i should have tagged him

actually i

forgot to tag him gosh i hope he’s

watching i’m sorry

yeah anyway yeah yeah yeah no uh

and and he smashed me ever since but

that’s not the point

the point is you were first right at


the um but you know a year later we

sold our first franchise we had a chain

of what do we have

22 at our peak personal training set you

know personal training studios

you know hundreds of personal trainers

working under our new level personal

training brand

to me million personal training tens of

thousands of

you know clients etc etc some in sydney

some in

queensland some in victoria um

but long story short is

i found myself you know i life that i’m

talking to business got on top of me

some sort of cancerous people came into

my life and there was some other things

that went on

i said you know i went down a bit of a

downward spiral

um slipped into a state of depression um

which is you know really what the


the the epiphany for for me at that

point in time albeit

my depression was you know it was mild

compared to what i’ve heard since and

what we’ve heard since

but instead of going on heavy

antidepressants heidi

which is kind of like a band-aid effect

i didn’t want to sleepwalk through my

life i just

i decided to force myself to find out

more about my own psychology

and kind of deal with that and so i

you know if you put a course on back

then i would have invested i would have

run to the back of the room and upgrade

it and run to the back of that room and

upgrade it i walked on fire i hugged it

out with high fived it with strangers

yeah but my real learning started after

uni right and as an

entrepreneur that’s that’s i’ve got that

growth mindset

and so i’ll work through some stuff i

really did and about a year and a half

sort of into that journey

after learning about life coaching after

learning about the

cardigan principle law of attraction um

you know positive psychology nlp et

cetera et cetera

a friend of mine said trev why don’t you

teach this

he literally said why don’t you teach

this and

um and i put on a talk at the western

bulldogs rooms in melbourne

i only had to pay the 40 people to turn

up it was my first public event and i

was myself

and about half on a package in

everything i knew

and about halfway through i started

sharing with everyone in that room the

fact that i had a list to do before i

die since i was 18 actually written down

this is only 10 years ago that i did

this talk

and it really inspired everyone i said

who else who’s got one of these lists to

do before you die actually written down

because it was almost my north star my


that i recalibrated on wherever i went

in uni and shared housing

and i was the only freak in the room and

had one of these things written down so

i said what the hell do you get up in

the morning for why do you

you know what do you want to earn money

why do you want more time et cetera et

cetera so

inspire the group and then joe one of

the participants at the end

said how’s all this list to do before

you die stuff it’s like a bucket list

you’re like the buck at this guy

and i went live moment

light bulb moment went home and

registered thebucketlistguy.com

yeah and and better yet you’ll

appreciate this heidi

better yet i uh i was on the google

machine because google had

come up by now and i was like who’s the

king who’s like the mack daddy of bucket

list in the world oh look no one so i

called myself the world’s number one

bucket list expert

and here we are 10 years later 10 years


but but also i had the bricks and mortar


of the gyms and the studios and the

commercial leases

and that was such a big burden and then

i and i’ve since had lunch with tim

ferriss but tim ferriss about 10 years

ago or

a bit longer came out with a four hour

work week and i i thought

oh the the freedom around you know

running a from a hammock in

thailand like tin

or something like that seems pretty good

to me

studio at like 5 30 in the morning every


day yeah and the whole online world was

coming you know coming into its own

and and now it’s just a given right but

you know back then it was you know it

was a big kind of movement the digital

nomad movement and i just thought

well i love speaking it was for me it

was the big domino that i

that i had to push over in my life


and bucket list has always been the lens

that i looked at my life through

and and you know as a result i’ve molded


that philosophy i guess to help me


and obviously as i’ve paid it forward

it’s helped a lot of other people too

absolutely and you know when i think of

that trav you know even when you’re


before you even be self-proclaimed

yourself as that and became that

i mean just what you’re doing with all

those personal training

studios and sessions and clients that

you and and trainers that you were


to help others with you know really what

you were doing

is helping people tick about one of

their items off the bucket list which is

to be

physically and mentally healthier right

you know really

yeah yeah yeah and and giving people

uh you know giving people the

opportunity to own a business and run a

business and

those businesses i i i sold i d

franchise the whole thing and i sold

some of them off got them to rebrand and

there’s still you know a bunch of them

are still going today which i’m stoked


and you just remind me did you have one

in neutral bay

yeah yeah richard yeah yeah and he owned

brookfield as well

yeah yeah so that was like you know one

of my competitors when i had mine

because it was we had one in belgium

no but i was in camaray then ah right

yeah yeah yeah everything

we had uh yeah right yeah so um

yeah and and like i i’ve got this piece

of dna

probably like you id i’ve got this piece

of dna where i’m not happy just helping

a handful of people

yeah like i want to change the narrative

and i want to change the conversation


as more as we step into our thought


i feel that it’s our duty to be the

voice as speakers especially be the

voice of change and actually

change the narrative yeah especially in

times like this

you know because and empower

people you know this stuff this bucket

list philosophy

and i’ve gone you know quite deep with

the whole philosophy because really

what it is is positive psychology which


you know helping people find more

meaning purpose and fulfillment more

gratitude and go into their strengths

and doing that more

in their life and in their work right

but i’ve just put

this brand of bucket list over the top

of it to make it more palatable more

tangible more commercial

yeah but yeah i want to help a shitload

of people i mean that’s it

at the end of the day that’s that’s the

legacy legacy

well i think you know probably i mean i

talk about having education in my dna

and i think that’s probably what you


as well you know we both i mean i

studied i was a phys ed teacher to start

as well we started as that and

i think when you when you you start that

way and have this

really deep sense of wanting to

educate and empower inspire people help


you can’t help yourself and whatever

form that comes in you know whether it’s

you know teaching hormonal cocktail


um you know i thought like yeah i know

some people say i don’t know you know

people who like are frightened about

public speaking they always ask me like

how do you do it i’m like listen

you’ve got 30 hormonal teenagers in a

room for one hour and

six times in a day coming through

there’s no worse

audience than that ever

tell me the relevance net right now i

mean you know your bucket list

involved previously pre-covered

a lot of things around the world like

amazing things that you’ve got to tick


around the world and and i imagine

most people’s bucket list involve travel

things normally

yeah what do we do now to create a

bucket list

that is specific to the world we’re

living in

yeah well i i even pre-covered um

i have been i i did a ted talk in 2016

in melbourne here and and and i

what i did in that and even before that

like for years before that

i had this concept of the my bucket list

blueprints a 12-letter acronym for how

to create

a personally meaningful and holistic

bucket list so

my bucket list and the t at the end

stands for travel adventures right it’s

only one component of 12

right so so for instance and that’s what

i did the booker you know the the

thanks to covert i actually got this

freaking book completed they finally had

some time to do it

yeah oh my god so it wasn’t traveling

around the world i can’t believe i’m

actually saying thanks coburn

yeah doesn’t happen much in a day does


you don’t need that much at the end of

the day

um what the the bucket list blueprint is

designed to do and always has been

designed to do

is uh to allow people to go north south

west in their own brain and help them

extract and articulate a personally

meaningful and holistic bucket list


yeah see but travel unfortunately costs

a lot of time costs a lot of money

and people do it at the end of their

life and and we live in a delayed

gratification society which

we’re sold which sucks so people

sacrifice their happiness now to enjoy


meanwhile the stats on depression


um the over prescription of

antidepressants um

suicides use suicides and we’ve even got

this thing now called the loneliness


which is a real thing it’s a and it’s it

is an epidemic

right it was the adverse effect of

social media

so all these stats are climbing you go

through coveting on top of that

it’s an absolute perfect storm for

mental health

yeah so what this does is help people be

happier now when unearthed

you know when you unearth all the things

that you want to do in your life

in terms of a bucket list there’s some

big things on there small things it’s

not just about travel

and and honestly that’s what a lot of

people think of a bucket list is it’s

about trouble but

in fact we’ve got like m stands for me

to personal hero

y stands for your proud achievements b

by that special something

you ultimate challenges c conqueror fear

k kind acts for others

e express yourself t take lessons l

leave a legacy i idiotic stuff s is


curiosity and t is travel adventures


right so yeah so that that just

blows people’s minds as to there’s going

to be some small things on there

some big thing i’m doing five things at

the moment and i’m in lockdown in

victoria in my house

and i’m not doing travel obviously yeah

but yeah

i am learning spanish you know

i um i am learning

i got a four channel uh four channel dj

deck mixer and i’m i’m learning dj

yeah well i can see you as a dj

uh what you wait until you hear me it

might not you might

say that um

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just fine did

you know that i was actually

i was actually a spanish gypsy in my

past life

hello yeah unfortunately the language

you never came through and i’ve done

like introduction in spanish for

i don’t know how many years but all i

can still say

is hello how are you can i have a large

beer you know that’s about it you know

yeah yeah

yeah muscle vessel the best beer in the

world it’s in front of a corona bottle

oh yeah yeah but like

you know like domestic travel is going

through the route there’s a lot of

different things

that we can be doing you know


yeah and and this allows people to be to

be happier now

to enjoy the fruits of goal setting

now i’m into delayed gratification don’t

get me wrong

but i’m also into instant gratification


and and that in itself like that reverse

uh that sorry that bucket list has been

a lot of people have been

i’ve been done a lot of podcasts and

stuff like that media

it has been the light at the end of this

tunnel for people it really has

because people have been affected in it

in a huge way and

and when you actually write this stuff

down when you actually put pen to paper

um i suggest that people you know go and

start crossing off the

the low-hanging fruit and that’ll give

you the momentum and motivation to smash

through the bigger ones what i call a

buck at the snowball effect right

yeah but you know look at the end of the

day it’s not just about taking a whole

bunch of cool stuff off

it’s really about how a person reverse

engineers every aspect of their lives in

order to make this stuff come to

fruition it’s the

growth of us on this journey towards

this self-imposed destinations

but most importantly heidi this is about

this is what you’re all about too

it’s about the person that exists on the

other side of their bucket list the

person that we don’t know yet

yeah yeah people

people are dying at 40 and being buried

at 80.

yeah yeah

you know how i want to wake up i want to

wake people up before they get given a

use by date

yeah now the movie was because

because it was about two blokes who get

given a cancer diagnosis and then they

write about

it and they have to quickly tick it all

off yeah yeah yeah um

hello morgan jack you know you got it


but you know it’s a it’s about like how

many more reminders

do we do you need listeners watchers

do you need for you to honestly get off

your ass and go and live your life a

bucket list is a tangible life plan

where our business plan or a career plan

should fit into our life plan and not be

the other way around when we optimise

our vehicle

in the right way it should spit out the

time flow and the cash flow for you to


the things that you want to do in life


double bonus if you actually love what

you do and you’re passionate it hits you

you your internal rule book which is

your values

i think that’s the holy grail you love

what you do and you’re getting the time

and money from it

absolutely i mean trav when you think

about like a 20 year old died of covert


in australia in new south wales a 20

year old

you know he like they didn’t get

to tick those things off because they

thought they had a lifetime ahead of

them right

and that’s very sad and i you know

as sad as it is there’s a lesson for all

of us because

we need to get cracking because these

curveballs and cannibals and pandemics

come from places that we never are going

to expect them and

they change their life they change our

lives in a heartbeat

yeah yeah and i you know uh

one thing you know one thing that that i

i wrote this bill i wrote this book i do

what i do

for the former me you know

it this was my compass

for getting for getting out of that dark


you know and i know it has been for a

lot of other people

so yeah yeah i mean

but for others it might be just icing on

the cake yeah you know

but if you rate yourself okay well you

know out of one to ten

ten being really fulfilled and one being

not fulfilled at all

um if you find yourself on that art

scale of being quite

unfulfilled well then maybe you know

these these tools are good for you

but if you’d rather um


and if you’re fine then cool probably

have no audience there but

at the end of the day it’s helped more

people than i thought

i certainly um

assumed it would yeah i bet it’s just


that’s why i’ve stayed on the same lane

for the last 10 years and being a

being a serial entrepreneur this is the

hardest thing to do

so you know like just putting the

blinkers on and staying as the bucket

this guy

and not being a squirrel after all the

other bright shiny things that we can do

um but it just keeps on spitting out

those rewards for me it’s

it’s so grateful you know like when

people are

people in audiences as you know you know

when you get that group aha moment

or you get people that are too shy to

talk to you after a talk but then send

you a direct message

and go you know what i’ve been on

suicide watch for the last six months

and i’ve tried three times

and then six months to a year later

when i’ve asked all right well make a

bucket list and send it to me just to

keep them accountable

and then they send you a photo of them

and their family

happy as from italy yeah thanks for

coming amazing

yeah absolutely and and that’s just one

of hundreds of examples heidi and that’s

why i do what i do

so trav on my bucket list

tell me if this falls under the eye for

idiotic things

probably already done yes i think i like

i think i know

well just in case like it might come

under another one i don’t know

but i have a goal to

win a prawn peeling competition


and they have an idiotic thing that they

would like to put the comments

for trav to check if that’s the category

that it would go under

please put it in if you’re more idiotic

than me with a prawn peeling competition


look at and it doesn’t matter there’s no

hard and fast rules of which category

it falls into and then and you know when

you do this is to be in no

you know just just uh be no judgement

you know like no judgment yourself and

you know we go you know we go one step

further we have

a you know couples doing bucket lists

together we encourage couples to do a

couple’s bucket list a family bucket

list and also a singles bucket this is a

an exercise not it’s not selfish but

it’s self leadership

you know and for guilt you know mums who

are who are guilty about not spending

enough time

with their kids and stuff like that hey


a as a parent you should be showing your


showing them an example of how to live

your life on purpose with more happiness

more fulfillment more meaning

and be the example for them to follow i

want my parents to be happy

yeah you know i want them to be full of

fun and adventure and not bitching and

complaining about how bad the world is


but looking forward and not being stuck

you know yeah so so it’s it has helped a

lot of people

you know now we’ve got what’s crazy is

three years

three and a half years ago we we went

next level and one of the

one of the things that um that we’re

doing now we’ve was

we’ve actually licensed it out and now

we’ve got certified bucket list coaches

in 22 countries teaching this stuff

even in countries where if you translate

the the word bucket list

that makes no sense at all yeah


yeah it’s crazy yeah

yeah yeah and we’ve got programs going

in costa rica right now

in portugal in uh oh

brazil um oh we’re about to start some

stuff in cambodia it’s

it’s great yeah it’s crazy yeah good on


so trav uh like i’m really interested

you know right now especially i suppose

where i am

in new south wales i know in victoria

you’ve gone through this for so long so

much longer than we have

but there’s so much uncertainty and it

feels like there’s not a lot of hope

like there’s really

it feels like there’s no light at the

tunnel end of the tunnel right now we


everyone is completely struggling with


and on this this the stress from


and the ever-changing business

environment they don’t know

they don’t know how they’re just going

to keep going it feels like there’s no

hope that’s what it feels like there’s

no hope there’s no

light you talk us through

like how can we use this concept of the

bucket list

right now where it feels like we’re

gonna be in our bloody homes forever

i’m gonna if i have to spend another

minute with my partner or my children


i’m gonna you know whatever

i’m like how can we incorporate your

concepts right now where it feels like

we’re so

insular and small for us to have that

little bit of hope

um for the people yeah no i get it and

and i’ve talked a lot about society

look see it instead of seeing it as a

hopeless situation

see it as see what’s happened right now


is we’ve actually been given the

opportunity to take a big global

collective deep breath

in and recalibrate on our happiness so

many people like

like research is starting to come out

now so many people have started new side


started new businesses we’ve had to fall

into technology and adapt

we’ve innovated like never before it’s

exciting times

not everyone is just survival mode

either some businesses

sure i’m sorry stream yard and zoom and

you know

yeah that’s right they’ve all they’re

thriving they fix all their issues since

they’re making so much money but anyway

but so many people um have really

recalibrated on their happiness

and changed jobs and they’ve got you

know stuff like i said started other

things and

and i think people need to honestly this

won’t be forever

it just won’t be it’s for a limited time


take the opportunity with you and your

family um

to recalibrate you know i’m i was i was

stuck in you know people

people have witnessed and this is this

has been the big shift in melbourne

so many people ain’t going back to work

ever and and they’re just literally

going to be working from home

so i live on the coast and and lucky i


property here on the coast but coastal

coastal property prices have gone

through the roof because everyone’s just

out of the city and gone to the coast

because they have chosen now not to be

stuck in traffic for three hours a day

in peak hour

yes you know what’s that freaking road

what’s that road

on neutral bay what’s that military road

a military road yeah so so

what a joy not to ever have to go on

that one yeah

yeah that’s it and it’s like what

what how can i um

so i don’t believe in work-life balance

it was a 80’s turn

turn that was thrown around what we’re

now in the process of doing is

recalibrating and redefining

what our new normal of work life blend

is yeah right it’s about work life blend

and and we’ve been given an opportunity

to really

uh reconstruct that you know because the


you know i know in this in in companies

some companies here

have literally let go of their corporate

leases they’ve

you know instead of having five floors

they’ve now got two and they’re all hot


yeah you know people have been told no

we don’t need you anymore actually we’ve

been more productive

yeah you know with everyone being at

home and and

so there’s a lot of opportunity in that

too for people to go you know what

this is how i want this to play out for


aside from that aside from that

you know we started it we start and


have come together closer down here it’s


fantastic yeah you know families have

got to know each other again

all over again um that might be good

it might be better it depends on your

family of course yeah

yeah god i i i

thanks to cover i got the book done so

all of these little things yeah

like we got we we built a veggie patch

with the kids

all right we cleaned the shed put up

bike racks we did i got my teeth done

for god’s sake i went to the dentist

um and check this out i’m glad we’re in

zoom because if you had a stinky breath

because you hadn’t done it for a while

no no hell no no

no i would never um but but

uh oh what i’ve got my will done yeah

yeah so you’ve checked things off and

this is yeah these are all these are all

around here

i think you guys are in that acute face

where it’s like you’re still in shock

yeah and you just get used to it

and then you’re like well this is my lot

in life and and that

yeah you know but but i think it’s a it


and it’s all well and good from coming

from me who’s coming out you know we’ve

come out of our fifth block down here in


but um it has been um

a real wake-up call and i think i think

uh you know i know my i don’t sort of

hang around positive people i’ve

unfriended so many people during this


the conspiracy theory and just bitching

and planning and it’s like

dude have you actually traveled the

globe and seen what it’s like in

india right or some parts of china it’s

like yeah live in australia like totally


i know you know and and you’ve won a lot

you’ve won a little dna lottery

with come on god and and i have


i i’ve stopped following i’ve stopped


and with some people and and then

followed others

but um you know so that’s been a really

good culling exercise too

it has and yeah it’s yes

and a great opportunity to do it because

we kind of

we do not procrastinate but we just kind

of let that ride you know

but i think certainly right now we

have well over the last year we’ve got

very clear

on what’s important to us in our lives

you can only control the controllables


and this is a saying that we always hear

you know

get focused on controlling the

controllables can you

actually control the coronavirus well

yeah you can do your bit

you know you can do the muscle you get

the vaccine it’s all that

whatever but um you know look

otherwise shut the hell up and get into

government yourself

yeah you know yeah seriously

you know go and do your vote go and you

know jump up and down but but like

at the end of the day um i think it’s

i i think there’s there is a lot of


um and you actually become more grateful

as well i

am coming out of this i am more grateful

for my family

i’m really grateful for australia i’m

grateful to my government i cannot

believe i’m saying that but

i’m great and grateful for my coffee

shop opening

again i can sit inside instead of out in

the cold during winter and hold my

takeaway coffee yeah you know and like

when we were let back into the coffee


and working from home and stuff and and

like um

it’s it’s just really grateful you know

we’ve got to be we’re going to remember


yeah we do and um but if people are

really being acutely affected and

and it affects their livelihood i really

appreciate that but there is some things

that you can control

and now there is some things that you

could maybe ask your boss

or maybe ask your staff to do that you

you just we’re kind of forced into

in a in a certain way we’re forced into

a uh um

adaptation forced adaptation forced

um innovation and i think around the

world we’re we’re radically

collaborating like never before so

that’s been

awesome it has you know

i’m really interested in positives there

definitely is positives and we all have

to remember those

even when we’re having those days where

it feels so overwhelming

and like there’s not that light of

course there’s positives and

one of the things you can control is

your mental health you know like write

five gratitude tonight you know these

are real tools and tactics here but

right five gratitudes a night um i’d

i’ve done that ever since i had


um i still do it to today it’s the last

thing i do before i go to bed

three’s easy five is a bit of a stretch

and you have to switch on the chemicals

that are the happiness chemicals and


reflecting on the day and looking for

those happiness moments

is uh really key and the rules are there

you know let us say the same

you know let it be grateful for the same

thing ever again like if you say oh

yeah my family today well done you know

the little things like i had an awesome

takeaways you know

soy latte today double shot and it was


light cream on top yeah it was just

fantastic that’s going on my

on my gratitude you know list tonight

yeah um

so little things like that through to

the controllables you know keep

exercising be remiss of us not to

mention that

yes i’m doing another thing on my bucket

list which started during covert and

reading 52 books in a year

right 52 books in a year because i’m

not i do some cycling in the morning and

that sort of stuff i’ll wake up at 4 30

every morning and this is not a fake


sort of or streaming is that your real


yeah so i started here and now i’ve gone

to here

and these are the last three that are

red these ones they’ve got many

many more um and that’s a habit that

will not

will not break now that’s that started

during cover and i’m like how can i sort

of challenge myself

the ripple effect is that of that has

been astronomical

yeah trev i’d love to know whether

during covert or before covert what was

one of your bucket list

items i i’m wanting a story now uh

what was one of your bucket list items

that had a real

positive impact on your mental health

um oh wow well

i did i mean i

i i entered an iron man triathlon having

never done

having never even done the triathlon


um i grew up yeah now and it was one of

the things that actually put me on the


um i did about 60 video

blogs during the training and stuff and

uh yeah a lot of breakdown before

breakthrough moments on the training but

i entered

having done a marathon before didn’t

even own a bike i owned a mountain bike

but not a bike

but then grew up as a swimmer and i

thought well if the y is strong enough

the hell worked itself out and

i i filmed myself actually entering

paying the 900 and a year later

i went nine i went 926 and nearly

qualified for hawaii and i lost six and

a half kilograms during the actual event

absolutely um

but that’s probably not that’s probably

not good for your mental health um

what else um oh well i went to the

burning man festival i don’t know if

that’s good for your mental health

well depends on your perspective

um what else uh i was in i was a new

nude model for a um for an art class

which was one of the few things

well that would be good for um actually


not good for your mental i’m still

scarred still going to therapy from that

why um

don’t ask me don’t answer no

no it was all it was all going well


a a younger hotter girl turned up and

sat and stood next to me

and she was and she was a new model as

well and so

you know part of my brain was like don’t

look don’t look down look don’t look

and of course the other part of the

brain took over him

wow i’m in trouble here you’re in

trouble yeah okay

thank you thank you for the picture

we’re all getting yeah

anyway and a tip for all you blokes out


don’t do it in the middle of winter and

don’t literally

and don’t do it in the coffee shop don’t

do it in the art studio that’s next to

the coffee shop where you get coffee

every single morning

oh god trav like seriously thank you


yeah okay look one of

the um everything

everything i’ve done i’ve done over 300

350 things on my bucket list

you know all the travel stuff from um

but one of probably one of the best

stories i can give you is

um i did a trick with my dad and was one

of the first things i ever wrote on my

on my to-do list um

so i’m i’m adopted

and i grew up in an amazing family down

here in australia

down here in ocean grove and uh but my

dad he’s a wharfy filler and turner

you know and uh he spoke it still does

a certain language you know a workers

worker nua here to stay the whole union

thing and

me he’s adopted son a serial

entrepreneur but it wasn’t until

i wrote on my and we didn’t really speak

the same language if you know what i

mean growing up

um and that was a concern for me as we

get older you know you want to

bond with your dad a little bit more and

i put do

the south coast track trek in in tassie

on my on my bucket list um we did a bit

of hiking and camping growing up and

i got the opportunity to do that with

dad and his two best mates and he

invited me to come along um

and we did it and it was just absolutely

amazing and it’s literally you get

you get dropped on a uh dropped in in

the middle of southwest tasmania in that

old growth forest area

you’ve got to pack 18 to 15 days worth

of food and the plane dumps you

and then pisses off and you have to walk


um to a place called cockle creek which

is southernmost town in australia

about 500 and it was amazing you know

seriously went over

through all sorts of rivers and rain and

you know and it was about 500 meters

from the end

and this is again about 10 years ago and

i was walking

frustratingly behind dad and i said dad


doing this walk with you was on has been

on my bucket list for about five years

and what i thought was going to be a big

spa the sun hug it out kind of moving

moment yeah all right

and just kept walking we got to the end

we did the selfies we had lunch and

dad’s gone trev what’s a bucket this

mate i said oh

my it’s all the you want to do

before you die

and then he turned to me and there’s a

man’s bed you know with a little tear in

his eyes he said this has been


still no big hug though i’m still


and then we got on the bus back to


and as you can see the wheels turning

and you go what else is on this bucket

list of yours trap

i said oh there’s like this is kind of

what i’m doing out of personal training

is what i’m doing now

yeah you know it gives me license to run

around the world and speak about this

this philosophy i guess and help people

live their life

no regret life right i’ll get back to

you and about six months later a mate of

mine said oh troph

i know if this bucket list is a guy that

i ride with and grant said oh

he’s a mountain he’s a new zealander

he’s a mountaineer

he said uh we’re going to mount everest

mate and i know that that was the

one of the first things you ever wrote

in your bucket is to go to mount everest

base camp you can come along with us

i said whoa whoa whoa easy i’m not a

mountaineer i’m a surfer

yeah yes it’s quite different and uh and

you said no no you don’t have to come to

the top

um you might get to the top and

uh but you can peel we gone through

tibet and you can peel off at base camp

or advanced base camp

i’m not right oh cool um

how much is it he gave me the figure i

said grant you i can’t afford that mate

that’s that’s huge and he goes you know


you want to go that bad i know you trav

and this is a message for everyone

watching too you’ll find a way

when the why is strong enough the hell

will work itself out right

yeah the question is do you want your


you know how badly do you want your

buckets how inspirational is it for you

and you will find a way

dad yep you know that bucket list thing

we talked about down in tassie

yep mate um

again on mount everest um

and we’ve gone through tibet

trav where the tibet well it’s

part of china it’s awesome

it doesn’t matter over there and he’s


trev you realise and at the age of 68

travel you realise they’ve never been

out of australia before

i said i know exactly mate

that’s what we’re going on yeah we went


and it gets yeah um

so since we went to advanced base camp

which is six thousand five hundred


in tibet on the tibetan side which is

between camps two and three

on the nepalese side he was fine i was

thrown up every night it was

altitude sickness really bad oh yeah now

since then we went and did kokoda


we finished the day before anzac day and

we did the

wall symmetry in papua new guinea and

the dawn service oh

we did mount kilimanjaro we did mount

kilimanjaro together


we did machu picchu

and did the inca trail and finished at

machu picchu

on the morning and my 40th birthday


wow i was there with dad i was here with

dad all the way

and now we’re best mates ah

see bucket this isn’t about you it’s

about what you can do

correct and what a beautiful people

to share that yeah and now we’ve you


like now they’re inseparable and and

we’re on top of mount kilimanjaro um

that was our last big trick and

i looked over at high camper in the same

tent i looked over and

i thought i was bloody dead he was gray

he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days and

drunk water and he’s obviously


he’d been complaining stomach cramps and

i looked over and i’m

home dad

uh dad you good is it oh

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you’re right

you don’t

you’re not you’re not well are you he


no more hills all right no more



oh gosh oh thank you for sharing that

story it’s truly beautiful

and it’s and this is yeah that’s like a

perfect answer to the question in regard


the impact for our mental health because

connection and our social health is

it impacts our mental health more than

anything else experiences to to do and


yeah you know it’s it’s it’s the

experiences that’s what we’re really

getting at here is

yeah um and these are the things this is

how we live a regret for your life

you know get on the front stop being the

of covert for god’s sake

yeah and be you know be the master of

your own agenda

you’re in control of the control of


so so make sure make sure

that your you’re you’re on the front

foot and leading by example

for your kids right now yeah well

look switch off the freaking news reach

off switch off the news

yeah switch off the news and stop

watching watching the covered numbers

absolutely and miranda’s just spoken

about it right here

teachers have an important role in

modeling the bucket list idea

especially in this time of social

distancing and of course

you know with teachers having to do god

almighty imagine being a teacher right

now i can’t even imagine it far out


like seriously um but what you have to

you know this whole idea of modeling

that there’s more to just right now

and there’s like this bigger world for

students to see

and to aspire to because i think that’s

something that often doesn’t happen in

many schools that

having this big picture of a life and

how that could be

trev i’ve got two questions left for you


the first one is you know you have your

bucket list thing i’ve actually got a

resilience bucket that i talk about

and i’d like to know that you know

no doubt i know that your

bucket list business is still

going great but i also know that you

love to

stand on stage and be

talking to big audiences and sharing

all these beautiful ideals that can

change a person’s life

in a 30-minute 40-minute 50-minute

keynote which

of course is not around any at the


um and you’ve gone through five


uh what are you doing what’s the one

thing that you’re doing

to make sure that your mental health is


that you’re feeling resilient enough to

get through this time what is that one


that you can share with everyone about

what to do you know i um

oh my god i’m not speaking up you know

like how good it how good is

a guy that runs around speaking at large

events which are all banned

um you know as the bucket list guy

which is running about running around

the world doing cool stuff

yeah on both so

um no but as i

like miranda you know as a teacher as a

thought leader

i’ve i’ve i’ve realised that that i’ve

still got to teach in some form or

another i’ve still got to get my

expertness out to the world

and i honestly believe the world needs

to needs to embrace you know it needs to

hear this stuff

now more than ever yeah um so i’m gonna

do that

whether it be on things like this on a

platform like this someone

somewhere will hear this and see this

and go aha i need to

you know thanks for that um i’m on


you know like i do probably two or three

podcast guest

spots a day yeah and i have like for the

last 12 months it’s been crazy

yeah um you know writing books doing

blogs doing video doing social media

you know i’m doing virtual

virtual is as well so you know doing the

virtual things

um which is kind of weird but it just

it’s still

it’s still me being me just in an

another avenue another another modality

another another model another platform


yeah so rather than you know um so it’s

just had to morph and and to be honest

um you know like like i’m learning new


we are all learning new skills of of

talking through these me

you know these platforms i’m embracing

you know it’s super weird doing a a

keynote presentation to 500 people on


yeah and you know normally uh you know

everyone’s got a book and you’re signing

books and doing selfies and all that and

getting off stage and you

hopefully get applause and people want

to connect with you and you’re like yeah

yeah yeah

cool and you’re connecting with new

people and you’ve helped some people and

and but in someone’s zoom you’ve got 500

people like the brady bunch which is

extremely exhausting

yeah yeah and then like all right and so

for our next speaker and they just turn

you off

and you’re like ah

i don’t know

oh that took a bit but um

you know that’s all the adaptation and i

did my first hybrid event the other day

was half in the room and half on zoom

and that was just a

freak that was just freaky um

but you know again i i’ve realised that

the um the old medium is still there and

i’ve done a few live events since but

you know but it’s we live in a now i did

a program

i did a program for people an online


that were just live programs and a lot

of our coaches have done the same but we

were just doing live programs through

bucket list coach

um and these are normally in-house kind

of workshop things and we were just

doing them live

within seven days we had to adapt from

the first lockdown we had to adapt and

create a whole online thing now that’s


i did a program during lockdown for

people in 17 countries

you know and i would never have done

that pre-covert

just and we’ve had to adapt the

technology and adapt everything around


so it looks like you’re

oh i might have turned off some volume

or something here

come here

so miranda’s saying we can’t hear you

heidi so something’s going on there but

we’ve got a book

so if you can if you can if you can see

the screen i’ll still talk if you can’t

hear heidi i’ll fill in

um yes that’s the book there it is

go to bucket list that buck at

thisguy.com i can hear trav but not hide

it mandy you’re the best

um i can hear trav but not heidi

um beautiful you can put you can put the

comments up there

so yeah um probably about the end of it

yeah heidi

what do you reckon all right cool i look

if people want to grab a book you know

go and grab one yeah go and grab one

bucket thebucketlistguy.com is my


bucketlistguy.com forward slash book and

you can grab a book

i’d love to um if anyone if anyone gets

a book

make sure you write your bucket list and

actually send it to me during covert

send it to me and i’ll make you

accountable there you go

there’s the accountability piece

all right so there you go

i don’t know what’s happened there

should we sign off all right

About Trav Bell:

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy…The Worldʼs #1 Bucket List Expert.

As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav helps people live their Bucket List before it’s too late! His unique life-engagement message really wakes you up, stops ground-hog days and helps you to experience more fulfilment.

He says, “A Bucket List is a tangible Life Plan…where our Business Plan or Career Plan should fit into our Life Plan & not be the other way around.”

No one practices what they preach more than Trav. His ‘crazy’ globetrotting adventures are contagious, hilarious & always fresh. He is the author of the best-selling book, the MY BUCKETLIST BLUEPRINT, a TEDx Thought Leader, a Certified Speaking Professional & is also the Founder CEO of Bucket List Coaches who are now on a mission to help 10 million BucketListers #tickitB4Ukickit.

Before Trav became ʻThe Bucket List Guyʼ, he founded & franchised a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with 1 client, he & his team went on to do over 2 million personal training sessions & motivated 10’s of 1000’s of clients.

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