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How the Magic of Dance will Improve Your Health and Happiness

Studies show that dancing improves our cognitive ability, spatial awareness, confidence and ability to relax and feel happy.

In this episode of Wine and Wisdom, I speak with the iconic Rafael Bonachela who is the Artistic Director of the Sydney Dance Company. I ask him questions like:

  1. What is the importance of the arts in our society? Why are they more important than ever before?
  2. The Sydney Dance Company has obviously had to make major changes in how they have delivered dance to their audience. What have you done? What feedback have you had? What do you say to people who have had to adapt and reinvent themselves because of the corona virus. What insights do you have for them about transitioning?
  3. I’ve seen many people through social media embracing dance in their living rooms while in lockdown. Do you think this has helped people stay physically and mentally healthy?
  4. Why does dance bring us so much joy and make us feel so good?
  5. What role will dance play in expressing the stories that people have experienced from this challenging time?
  6. What has been the most impactful piece of wisdom that you have received?
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About Rafael Bonachela:

Rafael Bonachela was born in Barcelona where he began his early dance training before moving to London, and in 1992 joined the legendary Rambert Dance Company.

With his choreographic career on the rise, he left Rambert in 2006 and successfully founded the Bonachela Dance Company.

In 2008, Rafael premiered his first full-length production, 360°, for Sydney Dance Company. Less than six months later, he was appointed Artistic Director making headlines around the dance world. His vision for the Company embraces a guiding principle that has seen the repertoire grow with the addition of commissioned dance works from Australian and international guest choreographers. The premiere works are often programmed alongside Rafael’s own creations, ensuring diversity for audiences and providing opportunities for his remarkable ensemble of dancers to be exposed to the work of some of the most in-demand choreographers of our time.

Rafael’s internationally recognised talent has seen him work not only with contemporary dance at the highest level but also with artists from popular culture such as Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner and Sarah Blasko.

2020 marks Rafael’s 11th year as Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company.

His Contact Details:

  • Twitter – @sydneydanceco & @rafaelbonachela
  • Instagram – @sydneydanceco & @rafaelbonchela
  • Facebook – Rafael & SDC
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