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Pets Provide Mental Health Magic

Our pets are like angels in fur. They bring us joy and they give us purpose, and this has never been more apparent than during this period of self-isolation.

In this ‘Wine and Wisdom’ episode called ‘Pets Provide Mental Health Magic’ I speak with the very talented Dr Katrina Warren.

We discuss:

  1. What role have pets played in our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  2. What are some of the ways they benefit our mental health?
  3. Pets clearly offer many benefits, are there downsides to pet ownership?  (commitment, ongoing cost and heartache of pet loss)
  4. Should we be concerned about our pets catching or spreading Covid-19?  –
  5. There has been an increase in pet adoptions and people getting new puppies – have you got any advice for new pet parents at this time?
  6. Plus lots lots more.

You can either watch the Q&A here or read the full transcript below.

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About Dr Katrina Warren:

Dr Katrina Warren is one of Australia’s most recognised veterinarians and pet experts with a media career spanning over 20 years.

An established and trusted expert, her beginnings on Totally Wild, followed by her long standing role as co-host of the Seven Network’s hit television show Harry’s Practice from 1997 to 2003 ensured she became a household name for promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Dr Katrina has been the host of Talk to the Animals, regular vet on The Today Show as well as appearing regularly on Today Extra and Studio 10. She has featured in dozens of network productions. In the USA, she hosted Beverly Hills Vet and 3 series of Housecat Housecall for Animal Planet. Further in the media, Katrina has co-hosted 2GB’s weekly radio show Talking Pets, is a monthly columnist for Reader’s Digest Magazine and has written 4 books.

Dr Katrina is also a sought after and accomplished MC, she has hosted everything from family pet events, charity fundraising events and huge live televised events, such as Carols in the Domain. Dr Katrina works around the country with the talented Wonderdogs, a team of impeccably trained border collies that do tricks and training demonstrations at family events, product launches and corporate gigs.

As a recognisable and trusted influencer within the pet industry, Katrina has worked with dozens of brands in the pet space such as Blackmores, Bayer, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Black and Decker, Houndztooth, Snooza, KONG and many more to strengthen their message to consumers.

On a personal note, Katrina shares her Sydney home with her daughter, Charlotte, a Maine Coon cat called King Leo and an adopted Golden Retriever called Riley.

Her Contact Details:

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