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Pre-performance Routine

If you are nervous about an upcoming sales presentation, performance appraisal, job interview or networking event, you may find a pre-performance routine helpful.

A pre-performance routine is a well-developed sequence of thoughts and actions completed before performing a specific task, helping to create a positive mind-set and get you into your zone, otherwise known as being in a state of flow, in pressure situations.

I’d love you to consider creating your own routine based on my effective Pre-performance Formula. It’s called TBT – Thoughts, Behaviour and Task-related.

🌼 Thoughts

Choose a mantra that is powerful for you. What word or phrase makes you feel formidable and is relevant to what you are doing? 

Before going onstage for my keynote presentations, I repeat my mantra “I am courageous” over and over. This reminds me that I have done hard, nerve-wracking things before and I can do them again. 

🌼 Behaviour

Select a behaviour that you can repeat each time that signifies that you are about to do something great or feels like a ‘good-luck charm’ for you.

For example, you might eat a particular food, wear a lucky tie or your favourite earrings, or take deep belly breaths.

For me, I tap my toes or jiggle my body to my go-to song, Mr Brightside by The Killers. This awesome uplifting piece of music helps to dissipate any nerves that I have.

🌼 Task-related

What is something that you can do that is related to the task you are about to undertake? What this does is connect our minds with our bodies which improves the likelihood of performing at our best. 

If you are about to enter a room full of strangers you could try standing up tall, lifting your chin and smiling widely. As a keynote speaker, this is a vocal warmup for me.

Think about what’s going to be your Pre-performance Routine to help you get into the zone prior to an important professional moment. Keep trying different routines until you find one that works and comes naturally to you when you need it. Write it into the notes section of your phone so you always have it with you as a reminder.

Here is a sneak peak into my own personal Pre-performance Routine before going onstage for a big keynote presentation.

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