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Resilience Recharge program 

Uplifting Virtual Masterclasses

LIVE Online

Do your team need strategies to cope better with the uncertainty that has continued into 2023?

Are they feeling overwhelmed and disengaged with this ever-changing business environment?

This comes as no surprise to any of us!


Hi, my name is Heidi Dening and I am an award-winning resilience specialist who has been working with thousands of professionals across the globe. I understand that these challenging times have led to less productivity, low morale, attrition issues and a general feeling of ‘meh’.

For this reason, I have packaged my most impactful, practical strategies into this Resilience Recharge Program.

These uplifting, bite-sized LIVE virtual masterclasses will not only show your team you really care about them but will also give them the tools to work at their fullest potential.

Why is this Resilience Recharge program essential for all workplace teams?

1. The Great Resignation

25% of the Australian workforce is actively looking for a new job according to Gartner, but Hays Recruitment pegs that at 40%.
This program can be one of the strategies you use as a value-add within your organisation to highlight that you care enough to put your people first.

2. Improve Productivity

Mental health conditions result in around 12 million days of reduced productivity for Australian businesses annually.
A resilient professional is mentally stronger, more optimistic, and better positioned to perform well despite this ever-changing business environment.

3. Increase Profits

According to the Association for Talent Development, companies who offer comprehensive training programs enjoy 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.
Don’t leave money on the table. Your most talented people want to continue their professional development with technical and non-technical skills. This program is a perfect part of the mix to achieve this.

"This program is everything the modern executive needs; short, concise and light-hearted with powerful but simple action steps that have made a positive difference to my mental health every day I've implemented them. Book Heidi if you run a team, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!"

Hannah Roger, Recruitment Consultant for NFP Associations, Beaumont People

What can be included in the Resilience Recharge Program?

* Correspondence (obviously 😂) – emails, phone calls, online meetings.

* Pre-program Video - to create interest in what your team members can expect to gain.

* Resilience Key Performance Indicator Quiz – an online pre-program quiz that gives attendees their starting resilience score. This quiz is then sent again 63days after we complete the program so they can map their KPI change. Personalised before and after results will be sent to each individual.

* Resilience Recharge masterclasses - 3 x 40mins virtual masterclasses with award-winning speaker, Heidi Dening. You decide between a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cycle.

* Digital Workbook – so each individual can create their own development plan that is specific to the unique responsibilities and difficulties that they are experiencing.

* Extra Resources - to embed learnings between masterclasses e.g. video's, podcasts, checklists and blogs etc

* Social Media callout – I will highlight you across my engaged social media platforms as a leader who has the courage to care about the wellbeing and professional growth of your people. You can see examples of this here - Recruitment Industry; Real Estate Industry; Tertiary Education Sector; Small Business; Retail Sector; Technology.

* Follow-Up Conversation – to discuss the impacts for your team, your suggestions for improvements and my examples of how you can use this education going forward.

* BONUS: If you book before 15th November 2023 each one of your team members will be gifted a digital copy of Heidi’s Amazon best-selling book – Her Middle Name is Courage: How Self-Leadership Transforms Pressure into Performance, Chaos into Clarity and Rage into Resilience.

“Heidi provided a series of virtual engagements for the team that were delivered in small “bite sized” sessions. She had the team hooked within the first five minutes and in doing so, truly was able to relate to the team, their current situation and provide real strategies to manage such.”

Cory Cvetkovic, MD Haworth, Australia & NZ

Your team members will participate in uplifting and interactive virtual sessions that will give them practical strategies about:

1. Quick Mood Modifications

How to quickly change their state from feeling overwhelmed so they can show up to the next meeting, presentation, performance appraisal, or pitch for business with optimism, energy and confidence.

2. Non-negotiable boundaries

The non-negotiable boundaries that once put in place will improve their mental health and ability to cope with setbacks.

3. Bounce Forward into Flow

An effective technique to flip their automatic response to stress into a high-performing state of flow so they can get more done, in less time, with fewer mistakes.

4. High-Performing Habits

Habits to help them focus and concentrate when it matters and to create an effective buffer between work life and home life (even when working from home).

5. Resilience Bucket Formula

To proactively build their resilience with my signature 5-part formula that will help them to persevere when change feels overwhelming. This will result in them being able to bend rather than break during high-pressured times.


How fortunate we were to come across Heidi at a time when our team were struggling in terms of their resilience. Engaging her to run this Resilience Recharge Program for our business was the best decision we could have taken during these tough times. Heidi’s style, presentation and genuine care of people comes across from the very outset and she is extremely engaging. If you want to lift your teams' spirits and actually give them lifelong tools and techniques to help them out both personally & professionally, you need to call Heidi today!"

Trevor Beck, Principal, Raine and Horne, Green Square

🍷 Wine & Wisdom 📕

How Resilient Are You?

Do you know the impact these stressful and uncertain times are having on you?
Take this 3min Quiz
to find out


You don’t wake up one morning burnt out. Avoid procrastination, overwhelm and mental health issues for yourself and your team members by understanding the warning signs that your body and brain are sending.

During this session you will learn:

  1. To map out your own response to work stress and identify the physical, behavioural and performance warning signs before breaking down.
  2. How to harness your freeze, flight and fight responses to get more done in less time.
  3. How to choose the most relevant and impactful de-stress strategy that you can immediately implement.