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Turning Adversity into Advantage with Andrew Griffiths

There is so much in life we don’t have control of. We know that now more than we have ever known it before. So when life does throw those curveballs at us and we are going through terrible adversities and challenges, how do we turn these into an advantage.

In this episode with Andrew, I ask him:

  1. How his very unusual (and shocking) childhood has helped shape him into the incredible man he is today.
  2. About his ability to tap into his intuition when he is at a crossroad and how he knows whether he should turn left or right, when the destination is so unknown.
  3. How he has been able to accept and forgive so many tough situations from his past so he can continue to move forward with optimism and hope.
  4. And so much more.

To watch this inspiring episode, click the video link below, or if you would prefer to read the full transcript click the blue button under the video.

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hello and welcome to the wine and wisdom

show everyone thank you for being here

on a wednesday night for those of you in

sydney there may be

a few whines in commiseration of our

further restrictions tonight

but we can have them together and you

know what that is what this show

is all about you might think it’s about

wine and wisdom because that’s what

we’ve called it

but in fact it’s all about connection

and the opportunity to connect i think

is one thing that we’ve all learned

over these last 15 16 months is so

important to us as humans uh for us to


you know some joy and to feel some

warmth in our hearts

and putting our smile on our face that

connection is what we can rely on so

for those of you who are here for the

very first time tonight thank you

very much for being here and for those

of you who

are returning i love to see uh your

comment and see your smiley faces come

up so thank you very much

and what am i doing uh cheers to you all

for the wine and wisdom show

i have felt very lucky

throughout my lifetime that i have been


with some incredible people some


and resilient self leaders

who are making incredible differences


our globe in small ways and big ways

and i think you know this is what this

whole show is about to

to not only share them with you to

connect with you

over a little while too but also to

share the wisdom

of the incredible humans that are out


doing some amazing thing and tonight let

me tell you

we have got a guest who truly is

amazing and he is sprinkling

amazingness across our globe i’m going

to introduce you to him

in a minute but before i do that what

i’d like to do

is acknowledge all the traditional

custodians and elders

spread across the many lands that we are

all located on tonight

i’m personally coming to you from the

lands of the birrabirragal people um

i’m in

in the area of birch grove balmain in in


and i pay my respects to all the

traditional owners who have nurtured and

protected this wonderful country

my gosh this wonderful country that we

all get to work

live and play in so thank you all

for being here um i’m going to now bring


uh with our amazing guest for tonight

his name is andrew griffiths and

the man has written 14 books

14. like i’ve written one and that just


sat everything out of me he’s

he’s written 14 books one in lockdown

last year and we’re going to talk about

that a little later tonight

but um the whole night is about turning


into advantage so um i

i often think that people look at

successful people someone who has


14 books and think life’s been really

easy for him you know look look at him

he’s written 14 books gosh

he can do it but i i can’t do that my

life’s tricky

but in fact that’s not always the case

that we’re going to

unpack that a little bit tonight and and

learn how andrew has actually turned

the adversities that he’s had in his


into an advantage and i’m going to bring

him up right now rather than just keep

talking to

about him hello andrew welcome to the

wind and muslim show

hello heidi hello to everyone who’s

tuned in tuning in

listening to a recording or trying to

figure out how to turn us off

you know


what are you talking about hello

magdalen thank you for being here

and we know um andrew i i’ve got as

usual or buttery chardonnay those who

know me know i love a buttery chardonnay

and just got a similar looking glass

haven’t you it’s a similar shape

it is it’s it’s tragic it’s i’m drinking

ginger tea you know which which kind of

says it all really doesn’t it right

it’s like i hang my head in shame

you know it’s it’s it’s like that but

anyway i’m

drinking wine with you in spirit thank

you for doing that

thank you for doing that and i would

hate for anyone to come on this show to

feel like they had to have wine

but you know it does make me feel like

you know i’m the one with the problem so

i would love to know

for those of you who are watching uh

what have you got in your glass have you

got a red wine a white wine a bubbles a

beer a g

t a whiskey make me feel like i’m not

the only one

sipping away by myself tonight if you


that would be wonderful andrew i would

love to start off the night um

with you actually introducing yourself

in your way

and um telling us about this

incredible work that you are sprinkling

around the globe could you do that for

us please please

sure sure i i i think

the thing that i’m most known for of

course is writing books

and uh as you kindly said heidi um

14 books on on how to do business better

so and i’ve been writing books uh

for 22 odd years um it wasn’t what i’ve

done all of my life but

uh you know i wrote a book about

marketing and i was really lucky i got

it published and

and that kind of changed my life uh more

than anything else

and and since then you know of course

writing books and you do the speaking

and i

i you know i coach people i i i what i

like to say is i

i like to work with people or substance

to help them build business as a


and that’s my my kind of tagline

that i use on that and and uh and i

teach people to write books now i’ve

helped um

750 people to write books uh their first

book which is something on

that’s probably my the thing i’m most

proud of in my kind of little brag bag


so many people that i’ve helped to write

their first books and you know teach

people to be speakers and

and do a whole range of different things

along those lines so

it’s become such a part of all that’s

become such a part of my life over the

last 20 odd years it just

it’s just normal now so um yeah so very


work with wonderful people and get to do

kind of cool things with cool people

in cool places and i think you know


really fear and think you know they’re

not authors

that they don’t have the capacity to put

words to paper

and tell their story or or share their


and it you know there is incredible

people all over the place who of course

we all want to learn from them and

like to have someone to facilitate that

opportunity i mean i certainly

i i didn’t know that you did that and

that’s that would have changed

for me but i i had a great facilitator

when i was writing my book and

their entire thing was about you know

you’ve got a story to tell

share it with the world and if you can

impact the life of one person

that i mean far out that that that’s all

we need to do

right if you impact positively the life

of one person

it’s interesting because you know again

working with people

who who have never written a book before


and trying to help them to overcome the

the things that stop

you from writing because people are

fascinated it’s still up there in the


10 things that which everyone on the

planet wants to do it’s

write a book and uh and so

i mean i didn’t really know how to teach

people how to write books i just written

a lot of books

and i got asked to teach people how to

do it on a program and i went

okay i have to kind of figure out how to

do it and of course

i hadn’t had these long conversations

and i had didn’t have to do training i

didn’t understand it

but what i what i really started to

notice as i was teaching people was just


the the internal dialogue that people

had about writing a book

it was like like who the hell am i to

write a book i haven’t done anything

famous i haven’t climbed mount everest

with one arm tied by my back i haven’t

swum naked across the pacific ocean i

i’m not an olympic

athlete or i’m not this and you know who

really cares about what i’ve done

so that first thing is who am i like

very very big thing that you know the

second thing that comes out is like

well you know what have i got to share

and and

that’s really intriguing because the way

i look it is

there’s a whole pile of people out there

that have got problems of some sort

and some of those people they want to

know what the stuff is that you figured


yeah and you can share so so i wrote my

first book was a book on marketing 101

ways to market your business and now i

didn’t have a marketing qualification i

went to high school

you know that was it i i had no no

um probably no justification to write a

book right

on marketing but i ran a marketing

company and it was a i

worked with small business owners and i

got really really great results with


and it was for me it was really about

all i did was say well i’m going to

write a book about

what’s worked with me and my clients and

share that because maybe that will help

others and that that was

exactly what it’s about because i had

all of that impostor syndrome stuff as

well when i started speaking heidi and

all of a sudden

the televisions of the world well you’re

the marketing gear come and talk at our

conference talking 35 cities around

australia and i’m going

holy crap and and i’d laugh i say this

it can’t i

i’ve waited 20 years for someone to

stand up at the back of the room and go

andrew griffis you’re full of crap yeah

you don’t know what you’re talking about

even when i had the idea to write my

first book

and and the reason i wrote it was

because i was getting asked these


all day long same same questions yeah

and i went to a few marketing friends of

mine and said look hey i’m thinking

about writing a book and

you know it’s really simple small

business kind of marketing book because

i don’t really think there’s

good ones out there they’re all american

or english i think we need australia

and now my friends said andrew you’re a

nice bloke but you know

like who are you to write a

thank you and of course when when the

book arrived i

did go to great lengths to send each of

them a copy and

you know a little bit of passive

aggressiveness goes a long way yeah they

all came back to me

and they all came back to me and said

the same thing they said well it’s

really simple

i could have written this and i said

yeah but you didn’t

and and i never tried to write a book

which said i’ve got all the answers

all that’s too much pressure i don’t i

don’t like those people that say they’ve

got all the answers

all i did was write a book that said hey

i’ve done this stuff with my small

business clients

it’s worked for them this is how they

did it this is what the results are

i hope it works for you and yeah and


took all of that you know pressure off

me of being the one who has to have all

the answers

um and and yeah and so i see so many

people that got such amazing stuff to


they’ve they’ve figured stuff out

they’ve got their frameworks and their

ideas and their

their they’ve just worked stuff out they

just kind of got to get a bit beyond

themselves and go look

there are people who want to hear this

and there’s and i can help others i can


problems this book will help my business

you know all of that kind of stuff but

yeah the things that stop people writing

a book are all the same

you know same same lineup um you know

things peer review comes into it if

you’re a lawyer you know

lawyers i help a lot of lawyers to write

books their biggest fears oh my god what

are other lawyers going to say and i go

who cares who cares yeah exactly

right yeah so that’s that’s my book

writing rave but

the bottom line write books it’s



can i just say i’m hearing an echo of me

i don’t know if you’re hearing an echo

of me

when i speak but i don’t know how to fix

it everybody so i’m just

calling it out and i apologise i can’t

do anything about it if you’re getting

an echo

but let me try and put in some

headphones and see if that helps

no it’s not you you’re not echoing i’m

just echoing

yeah you might be getting feedback

through my end okay

so andrew i you may have answered the

quote my next question but i

i like to know um

i had a guest on last year

michael dixon you probably know him and

he talked about

the magical dance between choice and

chance that has brought us to where we


today has it been a choice

or has it just been this unfolding of

life you know these

sliding door moments that we feel like

we have no control of that have brought

you here to what you’re doing what do

you think it’s been for you

um uh it’s a it’s a really it’s a great


uh heidi i i think for me

the vast majority has been choice

i i i really do think i i think that

there’s been

many many occasions in my life

uh where i could go left or i could go


yeah and and i made the choice to go

left sometimes

i made the choice and i went right and

uh and things didn’t work out the way

that they should

uh or that i wanted them to or expected

them to but but i i definitely look at

critical moments

in my life and go okay that was that was

a that was a critical moment

the decision i made then was a conscious

decision and that

you know of course the the joy of

hindsight you know when we can look back

and do this kind of stuff

um makes it a bit easier but but

definitely choice for me i

i can really say there’s four or five

key moments in my life

that i made a conscious decision to go

in a certain direction

and they certainly shaped everything

that happened afterwards

um without a doubt yeah

and i think you know and what’s so

interesting that i mean there’s so much

right in our world at the moment that we

don’t have a lot of control over

at all just no control and that that

that uncertainty and that that fear of

what’s next is really tough but there

are those moments

in life that you’ve talked about those

crossroads that we all come

to and we do have a choice of going left

or right and it’s

you know what is right we can’t see

what’s going to

be at the other end of either of those


but we have to make a decision and

that’s really tough

to make the decision when there are

two opportunities for two different

paths when you are

it’s so unknown and i’d love

i’d love you to perhaps share with us in

regards to

i mean whether you have an example of

that or just what goes through your head

when you’re at one of those crossroads

and you know you’ve got to make a


and you know what the decision you could

make could be the shite one that just

ruins your life or just makes it tricky

for the next

two weeks two months two years but

making the decision is something you’ve

just got to do anyway right

um you do and and i mean i

i’ve got big big examples of that and

i’ve got little examples of that

yeah and i think that um

probably the biggest example for me was

a pivotal moment and i was um i was

about 17.

so i i had one of those unusual


i grew up as an orphan um my parents

left my sister and i when i was about

six months old and she was about 18

months old

and we ended up in uh you know being

brought up by this kind of crazy old

lady and in and out of state care and

foster families and all all kinds of

stuff a

typical kind of environment that that

leads to

um abuse and you know you fall through

the cracks a little bit

and um and it’s a bit of a predictable

path you know there was a lot of

violence there was a lot of

um neglect and just all that kind of

stuff and

and my path was going down that you know

the road i was homing was one of of

alcohol drugs

crime that was starting to escalate and

that that was happening from the age of

like 10 or 11 in reality and

um and it was there was a certain

certainty that comes with that you find

that group of people to hang out with


um you’re you’re not you know

your moral your moral kind of boundaries


uh kind of flexible i guess because of

you know circumstance all that kind of

jazz um

and i remember there was this moment it

was an incredible moment for me

literally it was i was standing at the

end of the driveway

i’ve long been kind of sleeping on

couches and things

and i um and i was waiting for some


to come and pick me up and uh and this

group of friends

you know they accepted me they you know

all of that stuff but

but over the last year or two everything

had started to escalate

the seriousness of the drugs the amount

of drinking the amount of crime

the the violence was starting to happen

and i remember standing at the end of

this driveway and just kind of going

um i it was

for me it was an epiphany it was it was

a very much a spiritual moment and it

was like

okay you know this is it you either turn


and you get the hell out of there and

you don’t look back or you turn right

and you get in that car

but whatever you do you got to kind of

make that call in the next few minutes


the guys are going to be here and and i


left and and i think that i had that

my i get asked about this a lot like you

know with the child and i’ve

given you this little snapshot of my

little childhood i mean people say

why aren’t you pulling the wings off

butterflies and you know hurting puppies

and things

you know or in jail or in prison and and

it was really that moment

i i’ve no doubt that my life would have

been very different if i had turned


all those guys are either dead in prison

did horrible things went on to

not have very good lives um on that and

was the strength of character was it you

know no i don’t think it was strength of

character i think it was really hard to

do that

uh it was more fear of what was going to

happen if i didn’t do that i think

yeah you know was like fear of what that

life would look like

um if i didn’t kind of break away from

it was really the key there

and and so for me over the years has

been those

those big pinnacle kind of crossroads

where i think

i’ve had to make a decision and i

learned a lot from that decision because

that’s what really started me down a

much better life and

i became my own person and i made my own


and have been a very very independent

man all my life um

as a result of that but i think i’ve


um learned to to tune into intuition

and to listen to that intuition i i

i think that is such a powerful um

tool for us as human beings yeah

it’s incredible and the times when i

don’t listen to my intuition

and and you know you stop listening to

it it goes away it stops working it

stops you know it

it punishes you in some ways but yeah

how many times do we all know that we’re

making a mistake

yeah we know we’re making a mistake

in a relationship in a business decision

in a

job in a whatever it might be and

and but we override it by

intellectualising it

yeah yeah overthinking it over

intellectualise it

find a different way and i’ve found that

as i get older

more and more for me i’m i’m really

tuned into my

um into my intuition i’m an intuition

coach how’s that right who taught me

wow how to really reconnect with my

intuition because i

that’s how much i value it in making

decisions in my life

and i’d say i have a checklist for for

doing stuff

and it’s do i want to have i got the

time blah blah blah blah blah

and the last thing on the list is what

does my intuition say

and if all of those things are ticks and

the last one is a cross what my

intuition says don’t do it

i i don’t do it so that’s how important

it is to me

for a decision-making tool and it never


is wrong


i’m fascinated by that andrew yeah so

what i would love to know

is has there been a time for you when


felt that you’ve lost your intuition and

you just haven’t been able to rely on it


you’re in that real cognitive

overthinking i’m intellectualising

everything because it’s

whatever it might be and like has that

been a

oh i’ve i’m not listening to my gut


and therefore what what do i need to do

to go back to doing

that and listening

to that definitely definitely had those

moments and

and most of them kind of i guess they

tied into

um probably a bit of overwhelm too much

going on

you know those periods of madness where

it’s just like everything is kind of

crazy and

getting crazier um where you

when you’re in perhaps uncharted

territory and you really feel that

you’re out of your depth and you’re just

kind of winging it and you

are trying to figure it out as you go so

you kind of don’t

really you know listen to that intuition

so there’s

there’s been plenty of those times

there’s there’s plenty of those times


what made me really appreciate it was

that whole fact of

literally kind of sitting down and going

okay let me look back at my life

and look at the biggest mistakes that i

made and i and i looked at them in

business or relationships or whatever

i knew as i said a minute ago that i was

making that mistake when i made it but i


did it and i go why did i ignored it you

ignored it right i ignored it i i had

that feeling

i had that intuitive feeling that this

was not right that person was not right

or something was wrong or

that situation was not right and and my

i over intellectualise it by going oh

but it’s going to be a great deal or

you know she’s a nice lady or or this is

gonna you know rah-rah i i

i stopped listening to my intuition and

and you know of course these things

didn’t work out and when it didn’t work


i kind of almost got the yeah i told you


you go shut up shut up um but but i then

that’s when i really started to realise

how important intuition is

and and and i realised through

uh appreciating the value of it that i

needed to get better at listening to it

and and and so i started to spend more


just you know tuning into my intuition

learning to understand

what that what it actually feels like

because for me my

intuition there is a definite feeling

that there is like

it’s a bit hard to describe what it is

but i can feel

when something’s not i meet someone

there’s a situation there’s a whatever

it might be i have a physical sensation

more than a

you know cosmic ray of sunshine kind of

strikes me there’s this um

yeah almost like a gut feeling that

tells me and but i

i’ve learned to with the help of the guy

that was into a

intuitive intuition coach um to identify

that a little bit

more so uh that’s what that feels like


this and i know that’s a little bit out

there and some people go yeah seriously


but you know this is my experience and

and i

yeah it has worked

uh i i just i just believe in it i i i


i i believe it and i trust in it

and you’re happy to say it out loud


and i and i believe that human bodies

you know we are so extraordinary as a


it actually kind of makes sense that

you’ve got this kind of warning system

this whole little kind of alert thing in

there which is you know

someone’s watching me well how the hell

do we know that right

how the hell do we know when someone’s

watching us you know i mean i’m a

commercial diver by trade

you know i spent a lot of my life

underwater at the beginning of my career

and that was your church business right

that was my first business and my food

that was my trade it was

teaching people to dive and also

recovering boats and doing recovery work

on boats and stuff like that

in sydney harbor and off the um off the

the beaches and in the hawkesbury river

which is a beautiful place to dive very

very clear

crystal clear water in the hawkesbury

river oh yeah

i think the visibility

i think the visibility in the hawkesbury

is negative

it’s not even it’s a negative it’s 10


yeah and every time a boat sank there it

was always like in 150 feet of water

in and it was always cold pitch black

and just horrible yeah yeah

but intuition certainly you know saved


life a couple of times and i must say

okay that the times

that i norm almost came i could have

died in a bad situation underwater

i knew it before it happened you know

everything about my intuition was

screaming but i said

again intellectualise it no it’s fine

it’s a beautiful day don’t worry about


so anyway powerful tool it’s a very

powerful tool and i thank you for

sharing it i would i would probably love


um look up your intuition coach i think


i’ve never even heard that that is a

thing but uh

i i mean i’m a great believer in

intuition and i feel at different times

i’ve i’ve lost my intuition and

not lost but i’ve ignored it in a way

like you said um

i i i was feeling it and i ignored it

and so i’m fascinated to hear that um

you know of course everybody experiences

that we all do

but you know if we can just try it’s

that trust isn’t it just trust

in it no matter what the brain is saying

trust in it because i would imagine 99.9

of the time um what

what we feel physically about that

intuition feeling

is right and i’d love to i’d love to

hear from those of you who

are tuning in now or maybe when you’re

watching the replay

if you’ve ever had experiences where

you’re you you have felt

this feeling of intuition on an


and you’ve gone with it and you know

thank god i went for that because

the alternative would have been um a

terrible one i mean

and yeah so if you could write it in the

comments please please share it with us

because i think it’s

a really fascinating subject

andrew you spoke about that that

crossroads that you had at that time

when you were 17 with either getting in

the car with

those guys or all not and the path that

would have led you on it was one of


those crossroads that we we’ve we’ve

talked about


you intuition was what what made you go

one way and not the other

way um but i what i’m interested in is

you talked a little bit about the

background that you had which is not

like most of us here and

i think that when someone looks at you

and your profile you’ve written 14 books

and you speak across the globe and

you’ve worked with the biggest


they would just think oh that’s one of

those lucky guys who’s always

had everything handed to him and um but

of course

that’s not the case is it and i would


i don’t know if there’s sometimes when

that comes up does it

does it make you a bit shitty that

people presume that about you

sorry i’m not sure if that’s the right

question it’s certainly not in

no i mean it doesn’t make me shitty

there’s an assumption you know i mean

like you know i i get it you know that

there’s an assumption that if you’ve

written these books and you’ve done this

stuff that you’re

naturally successful i i mean look the

biggest assumption was always i lived in

cairns for 30 years

i presented in melbourne and sydney all

the time people always said to me oh

where do you live sydney or melbourne

there was just an assumption of certain

things right when i’d say cairns they’d


and they oh you sit on the espionage and

write your books under a coconut tree


yeah yeah yeah yeah just like this um

i i i don’t uh i mean

i didn’t really talk about it a great

deal it to me it was always

my background not because it was like oh

my god it was so painful and horrible i

didn’t want to talk about it

i honestly just didn’t think it really

mattered i i i

yeah i certainly wasn’t living in it i i

certainly had moved beyond

that and i knew that i had to as well

because you know i

i knew how easy it was to be stuck in

victim mode

and very easy to become poor poor

pitiful me

and blah blah blah and i and i saw a few

people like

i lived with this this old lady who um

it was an amazing old woman for

she took us after well my parents left

us with her i don’t really know all the

ins and outs but it’s all

one of those kind of things that she’s

dead and all the rest of it but

you know she was an incredible woman she

was born in 1896

and she was 70 years old when she took


in 74 years old or something like that

when she took a six-month-old baby and a

18-month old little toddler

wow which is pretty incredible when you

think about it

but she was stark raving mad as well

like she had full-blown

alzheimer’s and dementia and all things


in that period but it was in the 60s and

and the welfare

you know it was a different set of rules

then it wouldn’t happen now

you know well unfortunately it kind of

does but but it but it

was less likely to happen but but i look

at that and kind of go i saw her she had

a really tough life

she lost three husbands in three

different wars

she lost her father and i think it was

either three or four

uncles three or four brothers

in world war one one one war she lost

you know like seven or eight male 1 one


you know and you know and i saw she was


and angry and her physically misshapen

and that that loss and look you know

hard not to

to have that but i saw how that anger


um had really turned her you know it


it had twisted her physically as much as

it had mentally

and uh and again i i don’t want to judge

i kind of get

you know how would i cope you know if

that had happened to me

um but i i also know how how dangerous

hanging on to that kind of stuff is and

it’s horrible to

have that loss but but it can also

it can really turn you inside out and

and make you

you know not kind of be that right kind

of person that you want to be

and so i think i was lucky at an early


to to realise that i didn’t want to be

like that

and to realise that i could become like

her i could be bitter and twisted and i

could be

you know pissed that you know how could

my parents leave me how could they

abandon me how could

people do the things that they had done

and and the whole

thing and so i made that conscious

decision not to

but i also do feel in all honesty heidi

that that i am a really

really optimistic person i think i have

a i think i have the optimism gene and i

do believe

that that i that there is such a thing

as an optimism gene

um because you know like

i’ve had some plenty of stuff has

happened in my life and i always seem to


optimistic i seem to be resilient and i


and i don’t think it’s that i’m any

smarter or certainly not any smarter

certainly not anything else it just

i think i i bounce back from things and


i’m just a positive kind of a person um

and sometimes people don’t like that as

well i mean i have people that come up

to me

and say you know kind of you should be

miserable you should be

pissed off you should be this you know

considering your life you go wow should

i what am i on

i don’t know i don’t hate everyone

what’s wrong with me

you know it’s like oh my god where are

those butterflies

damn it i want to pull some wings off

some butterflies now

you know to do that and

i think there’s a home base that most of

us have

you know i mean again whether it’s i

mean my sister died when i was 33 she

was 35 had a heart attack

and died very suddenly and she was a

world to me

my greatest fear in life was to lose

wendy’s to have something happen

we’d been together we grew up in this

ridiculous life

and and to lose her so suddenly was was


um yeah and and you know but

but again but you know i could be bitter

and twisted about that but i i

certainly grieved and i certainly cried

for a hell of a long time and it was

certainly extraordinarily painful and i

and i miss her every day but i

i also kind of went well you know she


she gave me this amazing lesson and she

she taught me that i could survive

the the worst of things happening to me

and and i have and i’ve thrived

um sometimes you’ve got to find

that positive in in a in a hard


and you’ve got to reframe it in your

mind that’s that’s been the big lesson

for me heidi without a doubt

um a really great example of this is

i mean i never met my mother um but i

met my father i met my father when i was

around 22 or 23 or something like that

and i got the phone call saying hey you

know hey luke i’m your father

um hey andrew it’s i’m your father and

it’s like

wow okay um so we arranged for him to

come up from melbourne to sydney i was

in sydney at the time

in sydney and met him and and like we’re

driving home from the airport and the

first thing he really did was borrow

some money off me

and the next thing we did was we went to

the bottle shop and

next thing i you know was this guy’s

just drunk all the time and uh

and it was like you know this guy was

saying to me

saying you know i love you i love you

all this stuff and i’m going dude i

don’t know

i don’t even know you and uh but i do

know that i’m

i’m like whatever i was 24 i’m an adult

i’ve got a successful business i’m doing

what i’m doing

i know what i don’t need in my life and

what i don’t need is a drunken

father you know i i don’t need an

alcoholic in my life at this stage

and or at any stage so if you want to

build up some kind of a relationship

great but you got to be sober it’s the

only way this is going to work

and i never heard from him again and i’m

completely okay with that

i don’t have any any issue with that or

you know and again people say to me but

he’s your father you should have tried

more and go

no you know there’s a difference between

donating sperm

and being a father you know

you know in reality there wasn’t a whole

lot more that he did in the situation

and that’s okay

you know that’s that’s you know life

goes on um

but yeah but but but reframe it but but

i never met my mother

and uh and i remember i did i i did like

a a therapy session with a lady

and uh and this was this this was a


game one of those pivotal moments in my


and she said okay um tell me who had the

most influence on you in your life and

the reason i i went to this lady is

because this old

swiss friend of mine really good friend

of mine who was in his 80s

said he had you know he grew up in world

war ii and

blah blah and he said you need to see

this this woman she’s fabulous

so i went okay be great only went

because he wouldn’t stop nagging me to

go and see her

so i went to say he said to me who who’s

had the biggest impact on you in your


and i just unconsciously said my mother

and i

oh that’s kind of strange never met her

don’t know what she looks like

you know i wouldn’t know anything i

don’t i know nothing about her

um well that’s kind of weird anyway she

started talking

and she’s you know tell me about you

know tell me about your mum you

that story and my my mother this was

kind of pieced together a bit

through information at the time but she

she had um ended up with my father

and she got pregnant she had two kids

out of wedlock so in 1960s perth

or melbourne sorry um you know that

wasn’t a good thing her family disowned


you know like she was in high school


you can imagine you know it wasn’t a

good thing to do wasn’t a very good


and and things were breaking down and

you know we’re talking about and so

she gave me an understanding what does

that life really look like what do you

think should be like a you know

i mean i was at that stage probably 10

years older than she was now going oh my


i wouldn’t be responsible enough to have

a child at my age and i’m a responsible


imagine being this this poor young girl

with this man and it’s a kind of not a

good relationship and

you know you’ve got all sudden two kids

you’ve got no family support because

your family don’t want to know you

because you’ve done the wrong thing

maybe and there’s an old lady who lives

just up the road who looks for all

intensive purposes like mrs doubtfire

and maybe leaving your two kids there

with this lady who’s

has is lovely and disappearing

is an act of love instead of an act of

parental neglect

yeah now it doesn’t matter

whether it was or not i don’t actually

care whether it was

whether they were just druggies and

abandon us or whatever

but it was a better story and it was a

better it was a

a better way of framing it and and i do

believe though

that it was an act of love and and i

kind of get it because it made me

go instead of harboring this deep

resentment towards my mother for

abandoning us

it was like well you know i kind of get

that i i

understand it i’m not saying it’s right

i’m not saying it’s it’s

you know any of that but but reframing

what you know that those situations i

i’ve always

felt that to be it’s a good situation

because we get so used to telling

ourselves a story

this is the negative the the someone

done me wrong

story the the this that and you go well

you know

if i tell a different story and

does it really matter if it’s right or

wrong if it’s a better outcome that

makes me

not eat myself up and not feel hatred

and anger towards someone

so i just try and do that in every

difficult situation in my life it’s like

with the old lady

people say to me you must have hated her

you know because she

honestly i was she stabbed me with

scissors i slept on a mattress in the

yard for the first 10 years of my life

i was not at as soon as it got dark as a

little kid i was put outside on this

she hated men so i was a man so she

hated me the dog slept inside i

i never understood that i’d i’d wave at

the dog as the dog’s coming in and i’m

going out

and literally i just had a little

blanket on this mattress

and it was freaking really really scary

and it was

predator perth you know predator perth

um that you know she would um just do

horrible things fractured my skull

beat me up all the time with lumps and

would row up and you go surely you must

hate her and go

no not at all you know i i

get it i understand her i understand the


i understand the what she had to live


she wasn’t angry with me i forgot so she

took me in

she took us both in she did something

she was no obligation to do

she was just angry with the world right

she was just

had a bad run and i she was a teacher

for me to

not end up like her so to feel

sorry for her and to be understanding of


is far better than kind of going that

freaking horrible old hag

what a monster what is this it’s like

you know i got abducted by another crazy

i’ve got a lot of crazy ladies in my


you know um this lady wigged out one day

and and

long story short she had she came and

dragged my sister away and

we were in this police hostage situation

all i remember i was maybe

four or five with the the police in the

ambulance and the

you know the the guy on the ball horn

going you know don’t hurt the children

and this this lady’s got a knife to my

throat and this horrible hostage

situations evolved in the streets of


and um and she just had a you know she

just had a complete meltdown of some


and um and uh and and again

you look at that and go for me in my

life to be brutally honest heidi that

was a tuesday

right that was just a tuesday that’s the

way that

that kind of world looks like but but


do you go oh my god what a horrible

human being or you know

no she just was a poor lady who just

you know just whatever happened she

couldn’t have kids

there was that she had a meltdown all

this stuff you know people lose their

all the time

you know it’s harder to be forgiving

of people in that situation and to

understand but it’s better for you to do


in my opinion if you can do it and i get

that it’s hard to do that

but i find that the people who have got


who have the most bitter and twisted

generally have the least reason to be

you know you you talk to a holocaust


and those kind you know they they’re

actually kind of pretty happy people

they let stuff go they kind of

you know from my limited experience

people have been through a lot of grief

are actually figured out hopefully at

some stage you’ve got to let it go

otherwise it’ll

destroy you yeah it would

and and for those of you who are

listening you will know that

i had named the episode tonight

adversity into it turning adversity into


i i actually had no idea how much

adversity andrew has gone through

and turned into an advantage like hey i

must have

i must have tapped into my intuition

andrew to know that this is the right

name for your episode

without doubt because it was perfect

yeah yeah

but like truly um just you know and i’m

sure you’ve had

many people say this to you but i mean

seriously the way you have

turned adversity into advantage and the

mindset you have on that

is truly remarkable i mean don’t

ever i don’t think you should ever

you know dull that down because

it takes an enormous amount of courage

and really shifting things in your mind

to be able to turn experiences like that


and forgive and it is that forgiveness

and acceptance definitely that you have

done and i

wow i am blown away by it thank you for


with all that it’s incredible yes

you’re right magdalen his approach is

remarkable and inspiring thank you very


thank you thank you it’s it’s better

than the alternative for me

i know i know and when it’s you you know

the way i always use as an example here


and it’s funny because i’ve just

mentioned it a bit in the last day or

two on a couple of interviews i was


was in in this household when i was

living with this crazy old lady

we had the christmas tree up every year

like we had the christmas tree up

all year long we never took it down

right so the lights were on the

christmas tree was on all year round

and i would go to friend’s place when i

was at school and we’re going to their

house and i go

where’s your christmas tree and they’d

look at me kind of we only have it up at


it’s maybe

geez i’m sorry i i didn’t know i you

know like it’ll be okay

you know it was almost like you know

things will get better

you know and it was like it’s you

what you know you know it’s it’s that

relative isn’t it yeah it’s all relative

but your question early on at the

beginning you know was it choice or was

it something else

all of these for me were choices

you know and and and i think if anything

my fortune comes in my ability to be

able to make a choice like even with my

dad and i get that some people go that’s

a tough

call that you made with your father you

know but it was a choice

you know and and and i listened to my

intuition and to be honest i i honestly


that was the right decision to make um

but there’s you know circumstance often

has i i i think i mentioned it when we

were kind of chatting about

what to chat about i i have this great

experience called my pretty woman


and this to me sums up that the whole

concept of choice and

um do you mind if i just share this

story um it was my next question i

wanted to know about the pretty woman

experience please share it all now

i’ve got to lead into it so as i said i

was commercial diver by trade

i got decompression sickness i’m putting

in some pontoons on the great barrier


and uh decompression sickness is just

like nitrogen bubbles

lodging somewhere in your body and i had

a really bad case so i was evacuated and

in a recompression chamber

and um you know it was it was life or

death kind of scenario

um anyway i was working for a japanese

shipping company

and uh big big giant company and uh

and i i was six months in recuperation

and hospital and all that kind of jazz

and i came out

and and i was told that i wouldn’t be

able to dive again so i lost my

um my ability to to be commercial diver

because there’s too much risk of me

getting decompression sickness again

yeah and they said um okay so we’re a

big company what do you want to do we’ll

we’ll retrain you

and and again you know i i was a bit

bitter and twisted with them because

i felt that they were responsible they

had pushed me to get this project done

and i was in charge and

rare up i didn’t i could have said no

but i you know you look for someone to

blame in these situations anyway so i

said look i don’t know you know maybe

drive a boat or do something like that i

said no we think you’d crash too many

boats if you drove a boat

so that that was a bit brutal and they

said we’ll put you

you’ve got a big mouth we’ll put you in

the sales and marketing

so i’ve i’ve ended up in in sales and

marketing for this cruise ship company

that takes people out to the great

barrier reef

and i didn’t really want to be there i

kind of felt um

i felt you know a bit pushed in there i

felt resentful i felt all these things

anyway i’m just turning up and my big

thing was

you know i don’t want to be some

corporate suit i’m not going to wear a

suit i’m not going to i was a diver but

i had a beard and earrings and ponytail

and you know

that’s that was the commercial diver


at the time and uh um

and so anyway i’ve ended up in the sales

department and by a strange twist of


uh my immediate boss got appendicitis

and he was supposed to be going to a

big big trade show in sydney so this was

all from cairns

and he couldn’t make it he’s in hospital

so the ceo of the company said okay

you’ve got to come with me because

you’re the only other sales guy

yeah so i’ve gone okay you know insert

eye roll

gone down to this trade show now this

trade show is the most important trade

show for

for tourism operators in you know

each year people come from around the

world and they buy your products so they

would come and contract us to buy our


so in in many respects the future of the

company really

depended on the our success at this

trade show

yeah it’s not it’s not good right that’s

that’s not that’s not good

um so anyway i i’m at our little booth

and i had the worst attitude i i i

refused i was wearing a flannel

a flannel you know westy shirt and a

pair of jeans

and i look like a slob i i you know


beard earrings you know look i look like

a grub and i had an and to really make

it nice i had a bad attitude as well so

you know people would walk by and i go

kind of snarl at them

so i’m in his little booth with my ceo

and i could just see him as the day he

was going on

he was getting furious he he was like

and i was acting like a petulant little

child in reality anyway

at some stage he just goes that’s it

he’s gone he’s just given up

and uh and we’ve got tomorrow to come

back two more days of this

trade show he’s gone and i i’ve


started to head um back to the hotel at

the end of the day

and as i was walking up from darling

harbour up the hill to

wherever it was that i was staying i

started to wander along

um george street and and it just hit me

like a

this this amazing thing of like going

what the hell

are you doing like the biggest

shipping company in the world has said

we’ll retrain you

we’ll help you don’t worry we’re going

to make sure that you you know

you are on the right path we’ll you know

we get this state accepted

responsibility they

you know that it was all there and here

i was going wow

i’m i’m going to get the sack i deserve

to get the sack

and i was wandering around the city and

i ended up in david jones of all places

and i think it was um you know wandering

around there and and i was really upset

and this old guy in the suit department

came up to me

and uh and at the time when people used

to come up to you and ask you if you

needed help

and this guy could tell that i was

really unhappy and sad and he just

literally came up to me said

are you okay and uh because i i was

i was distraught and i just blurted out

i just

did this oh my god this has happened and

blah blah blah i’m an

idiot i’ve made the biggest mistake i’m

gonna get the sack

my life’s in ruins blah blah blah and he

just sat there

and you know listen and listen and

listen and listen and and then i

remember he just said to me so

so what are you gonna do about it and i


well there’s nothing what can i do you

know i’ve ruined it i’ve

destroyed any situation and he said well

you could show your boss that you’re


and and i went what do you mean next

thing right this is in the main floor

it’s like six o’clock on a

of an evening david jones is closing

this guy has

organised for me he’s fitting me out for

a suit

he’s got someone upstairs who’s come

down to do adjustments

i was getting a haircut in david jones

one of the ladies that worked there

literally is giving me a haircut and

shaving me in the main part of david

jones so this was in

the year uh 1992

or something like that honestly i didn’t

even have the money for the suit i

didn’t have all the money i had to send


you know i gave him every money i had

and of course during it i realised man

this is the best sales picture i’ve ever

heard like anyway i

left david jones with a briefcase a suit

a haircut

you know and i’ve gone back to my hotel


and i’ve gone oh my god i look amazing

and i felt the strength and this

confidence and

and uh and it was and anyway next

morning i’ve gone downstairs and i’m

waited and i went down like five o’clock

i think

i’m waiting in the lobby for my ceo and

he walked by me three times

before he recognised me and he came up

to me

and uh and he just uh and we’re we are

great friends

ever since then he’s one of my really

close friend and and

and he said to me he’s georgia stropped

he said oh my god

and i said terry i i know

that i completely bugged it up yesterday

please forgive me

give me one more chance just give me

today to prove

that i can make this work and he pulled

out of his pocket

a tight fax that had come through which

is my dismissal

this is my i’ve been sacked and my


to go back to cairns that morning

and and uh and totally deserved

totally deserved and i begged him begged


to give me one day you know please just

you know

and and he said look he said you know it

takes a lot more to make you successful

than to

put a flash suit on and have a haircut

and lose a couple of earrings

you know and and you know i he said

that’s not enough to convince me

that this is going to work yeah you know

so um

and rightly so you know yeah we went

back to the trade show

you know now everything changed we sold

like eight million dollars worth of

cruises that day

i then spent the next day it was a huge


i spent the next five years as an

international sales manager traveling

around the world

nine months of the year in every

crockett of the world for this giant

shipping company

left that business after five years

started my own marketing company

wrote a book about marketing wrote 14

more books

ended up on a wednesday night talking to

heidi denning and you know that that

that moment yeah what was again

you know and those crossroads right

my life is about crossroads

and and that’s why i you know i i really

you know i don’t know like like what

twit what what happens to someone there

what was that moment it was that

intuition was that fortune was that a

reality i don’t really know but i know

my life would be very different

if i you know if i didn’t make that


you know i think easily one of the

greatest opportunities in my life

happened at that moment in david jones

do you know what i i i kind of you like

this little moment

this little moment that could have been

so different andrew and but there’s


there’s something in you that

i don’t know what it is the intuition i

i would have i i think so

that is just steering you on those

little moments that are

so full on that i mean i think you’ve

had perhaps

had more than most that could truly

be any you know i i have you seen the

movie sliding doors with

i have yeah there’s sliding door moments

right that is truly a sliding door

moment another one you’ve just described

but you somehow thankfully

can just feel what’s inside

and have the courage because really when


you know you’ve got a ponytail and

earrings and you’re in your flannel

you don’t really you don’t you don’t

really care about life you know

i’m imagining in that like it’s like a

bugger it i don’t

whatever like whatever i love it

yeah that’s right exactly uh all you

bloody suits

i love that magdalene here said that

when you were describing that she said

it was

or a northern beach’s look that you were



but those little moments that you have


some kind of crossroad into your

advantage and that is really admirable

thank you

so much for sharing it you’re so welcome

even choosing to write that first book

when it would have been so easy not to

yeah you know like it’s they’re the

things and it’s such

i i don’t know you know this topic of

resilience because i do i get asked

about this a lot and

and i you know i speak a bit about this

not as much as you i i i think heidi but

it’s it comes up when people find out my


because it’s not really i don’t really

lead with this as a story

um as well because it’s like um

you know you become like stephen

bradbury you know like how many times

there’s a poor bugger i love him to

death but

the poor bugger’s got to tell the story

about everyone else

when i got the gold and and you know and

and go um i got a friend of mine who’s a

speaker and uh

his name’s paul hockey and he’s he’s

literally got one arm

and uh and he climbed mount everest he

was the first guy to climb the north

face or southern face of

mount everest with one arm and he

climbed it twice the first time he got

within 200 meters

and his lungs filled with blood and his

sherpa said you can get to the top but

you’ll be dead

you know in the first 50 meters coming

back so you decide what you want to do


people and he said he really

contemplated doing it going yeah it’s

just to do it to tick it off

i know and he said he kind of realised

maybe that’s not a good idea

yeah but anyway he went and did it the

next year and and he was successful in

the climb

and he said that’s all anyone wants to

hear about is man everest right

and he said but he was a three week old

baby and the doctor picked him up

and felt a lump under his arm how lucky

is that they did a biopsy it was cancer

and they amputated his arm as a

three-week-old baby

and uh and he said you know he said

really mount everest it was

hard work but the challenge that

toughest thing was being

you know you’re at the back of the class

with all the other weird kids

he’s so he’s the one-armed kid there’s a

fat kid there’s a

the smelly kid does he you know the

foreign kid that doesn’t speak the


you know he said that was hard that was


that was he said years of being that

person was tough

this guy went on he he was a martial art

like a 10th dane

karate guy he went to japan and became a

martial arts instructor in japan with

one arm

he used to ride his giant motorbike as a

courier in sydney

with one he said all of that stuff no

one wants to know about they just want

to hear

it’s like the rolling stones you’ve got

to sing stuff you’ve got it yeah i was

just about to say it’s like cultures are

always having to sing k

sound even if they’re really sick of it

you’ve just got to tell you

your greatest hits um yeah so i don’t

necessarily talk a lot about mine in my

speaking because i i

you know i want to talk about other

stuff as well and it feels like it’s so

much in my past that it’s

i don’t know there’s so much going

forward but i in saying that heidi i

you know sure i love to talk about it

because i do know that it helps others

and i know that it’s inspiring

and it’s good to share those stories

because uh you know people

with writing books with with you know

just overcoming challenges

learning to listen to your intuition

being at a crossroad in your life and

kind of going

yeah well how do i choose which way do i

go do i go left do i go right

sometimes sometimes the decision isn’t

that easy

is it you just go well both options kind

of look okay

or both options look bad yeah yeah yeah

but i still got to choose that

yeah i’ve got to decide which way i’m

going to go so

well i’ve got to say to you andrew that

you know i know that i could have we

could have sat here for this hour

um that we’re already at and i know i

could have

asked you a billion marketing questions

and learned so much because i know that

you are an incredibly wise person in

in regards to that and i would have

learned stacks there’s no doubt

but i’ve also like for you to be telling

the stories you’ve told tonight

which you are saying that you don’t

often do

like it’s it’s really been helpful for

for me and i’m sure for everybody who’s

listening just about

you know taking that adversity and

turning it into advantage which we’ve

called the episode thankfully we did

call it that

um because that’s exactly what you’ve

done in your life but

truly it’s a gift and um you know

whether you want to lead with it or not


i tell you right now that for you

sharing that tonight

is a gift to all of us who are listening

and i appreciate it

so much really really welcome you really

and thank

you for for framing it like that for me

because i think sometimes it’s easy for

me to forget that

yeah yeah you know the that it’s good to

share your story and to

um others others get a great deal out of

it it’s

nice to be reminded of that heidi so

thank you and it’s and the feeling of

not being alone in adversity i think

that’s a big thing

um is it one thing and before i go to

our last question tonight

um i do want to to say to everybody that

how this has happened

tonight is that i was um referred this

amazing book oh look who it’s by andrew


by the way karen ma and i don’t know if

she was going to be on tonight or not

she was going to try i’m just going to

quickly put it on so you can all see it

a bit better

uh it’s called someone has to be the

most expensive

why not make it you and it is

truly an amazing book and for anybody


is in business i can’t recommend this


enough but what i wanted to say to you

andrew because we weren’t doing a

business book promotion tonight despite

the fact that

i have you you probably can’t see but

i’ve got so many pink highlights

through my book um and then you said

another one

you sent me another one and now i i’ve

got two which is the best

but i was also thinking about this

you know if as a business someone has to

be the most expensive why not make it


but what was coming up for me as well

is someone has to be a great human why

not make it you like

we human not even in business

we have so much value that we

often hide away in and why not

make it you to share that with the world

and i don’t know there was

just something in your book because i

know it is about business

about this thing but there was something

coming up to me about

even if people who are watching tonight

don’t have a business

this is a book to read as well because

we are all valuable in this world

whether we’re a business

or a person and what we’ve got to offer


sometimes we don’t shine that light

that’s what i also come from your book

and i don’t know if

there was anything that you’ve ever

thought of that but

that came up no not really

but i say not really but yes i i’m a

firm believer

if you want to grow a better business

you know grow a better person

yeah and and i’m so much um

i’ve you know personal growth and

development is something that i’ve been

very big on all my life and i was very

lucky when i bought my first business at

17 going on 18. um when i knew

everything you know you know all the


i had a couple a couple of very very

wise one guy in particular um was this

wise guy he was really old he was 35

at the time right and uh and but he was

a wise old soul

and i was a you know 17 18 year old kid

with all the answers

and uh and and this guy was just


at showing me how to be a better human


and and really living that you know

living to that

and uh and he would kind of

surreptitiously kind of give me a copy

of how to win friends and influence


and uh you know you know just you might

find this interesting andrew you know


and i would watch how he interacted with

people and how how respectful he was and


kind he was and how considerate he was

and and i

really really like that i really really

like that in

him and i think a lot of my who i am was


down to him because you know i didn’t

really know who the hell i was

yet you know i saw how he was with other


um and that respectfulness wow i really

like the way that he does that

and and i learned a lot from him um and

you know he’s a wild man of papua new

guinea he lived in new guinea for

most of his life married to this new

gideon lady a big scar on his face where

she’d speared him

when he did the wrong thing once and

this fear had gone right through

he was a pretty you know he was a i wish

we could get back in australia

god almighty i could be my husband

that’s right in png it was totally

acceptable i know john did the wrong

thing yeah yeah

no that’s that’s appropriate and it’s

like really

um yeah but but um yeah i i guess

again sometimes it’s having those people

around us who

who can perhaps kind of guide us share

their story share their experience that

that helped us get there but

he was very good in helping me to be

better as a person which helped me in my


yeah and i think that that’s part of the

challenge that i see these days in


is there’s so much talk about scaling

and hustling and blah blah blah

that irritates the hell out of me it to

be brutally honest i i think you know


want to you know you want a great

business you know be a great person

and and you’ve got to spend as much time

personal growth

on personal growth as on business growth

and uh and

if you do the two i tend to find that

they tend to they look after each other

um that’s and that’s a part of my

philosophy of doing business

and i wonder then bringing me to your

the final question for tonight

uh it is a it is the uh

wine and wisdom show which you have

given us

a whole lot of tonight but when you

think back over your lifetime

um with all the different adversities

you’ve had and all their amazing

successes you’ve had

who was it and what was it um what was

the piece of advice that you got that

has really impacted you the most

uh going forward who gave it to you

and what why was it so impactful for you

um um

it’s a it’s a great question and and for


i i

i i i is a strange

person who gave me this advice um

this was an old guy and uh who who i


um and he used to um

he was it was a criminal basically and


and he he used to you know collect money

from the brothels in king’s cross and

um his name was george and he was

tough as nails he was you know he was

terrifying and and amazingly lovely at

the same vein

so through one of my foster parents at

the time he was related to

someone in there and and i just remember

i was i was scared of him because he was

he was a scary old guy at the time but

he had a little daughter who was like

he would have been in his 60s and he had

like a five or six year old daughter and

i remember how

beautiful he was with her and uh and and

i always remember him saying

he and he would sit me down and he knew

my background and he would tell me

you know he was part of the reason that

that i i think i hit the straight narrow

because he told me what that life was

like and he would say

that’s the road you’re on you know you

think if you’re going to go down that


make sure you you’re really good at it

because you’re going to end up in jail

you’re going to end up dead

but i remember him saying to me if

you’ve got a problem you gotta front it

and and it seems like such simple

advice and such simple wisdom and almost

like yeah that’s kind of cute good on


hitman you know but but it’s it’s so


you know we we live in a world and it’s

hard to

confront our problems it’s hard to

address them it’s hard to

to really you know to to honestly deal

with them i

i don’t find it any easier today than i

did you know

back then when there are issues but i i

do realise

that there’s a bigger wisdom behind that

you know

and whatever you know you know front

your problems means

for me it really meant you know listen

to my intuition more it meant

you know being my own man it meant you

know knowing my values that i live to

and making sure that i don’t do anything

that’s outside of that value set

it means going okay this is not

happening the way i want it to it’s up

to me to do something about it and

um it was it was really valuable advice

and yeah because i was a bit scared of

him as well i kind of listened a bit

extra hard

um and of course he’s long since dead

but i i often think about the

conversations that i had with him

and just how you know this this roughest

guts old guy tough as nails

you know he would you know he would

shoot you in a heartbeat if he

if it warranted it there’d be no

conversations he just had that

look that look on his face um just to

sit down and just look me in the eye and

kind of you know

you’ve got a problem you front it yeah

you know it’s like yes george you know

what it’s like

okay um yeah that was a that was a big


of my what what

yeah i i think that had an impact on me

in many ways oh it’s a great piece of


and um despite how scary it would have

been to get it from him at the time


with the look the dangerous look he had

in his eyes um i can see how that

you know if we all face our problems

seriously rather than just

trying to ignore them and put them aside

just get on with it and move forward it

would be helpful

i mean i i certainly not the greatest at

doing that but uh

i i i it is hard yeah yeah

andrew i can’t tell you i mean we have

gone way over time and

it like it doesn’t matter to me at all i

i i’m very grateful for you

to giving all that time we’ve still got

lots of people on the on the line so i

know that

people have really been completely

enthralled with your storytelling

which is not just storytelling it’s

actual life story of course

i mean i don’t mean that in a uh fiction

kind of way but

um yeah thank you for sharing all your


um for being so honest and transparent

and vulnerable with the stories that

you’ve shared with us tonight even


it’s not what you mainly do i definitely

appreciate that because i i

certainly learned a lot in regards to

that and

for anybody who is wanting to find out

more about what andrew does

and to even purchase this

unbelievable book i’m going to put all

that in the comments

after the show so you’ll be able to

click click and have a look better

then but um thank you andrew uh it’s

been wonderful to talk to you

tonight i wish you all the best this

year especially with all the pr coming

around your incredible

14th book 14th book amazing

blown away by that thank you thank you

heidi i i really enjoyed chatting too

and thank you for

you know for having the courage yourself

to let this conversation go on

and i don’t think we ever wanted it to

be a book talk or

you know about it wasn’t a promotional

thing for my book it was a conversation

it was a good conversation

and it was a conversation that i really

thoroughly enjoyed having and

uh and and so thank you for for letting

it go

where it needed to go yeah no it did it

did definitely

all right thank you everybody it’s

lovely to see you here tonight or when

you’re watching the replay

i look forward to seeing you in a couple

of weeks for those of you

who love the whole idea of uh

having a chat with somebody i’m not

going to tell you who

but who is doing incredible work in this


around animals and

how our climate and the impact that is

having on animals

um just going to give you a little bit

of curiosity there

please join us in two weeks but thank

you andrew thank you everyone for being


and i look forward to seeing you all

again in two weeks good night

About Andrew Griffiths:

Andrew Griffiths is best described as an entrepreneurial futurist – in other words he specialises in future proofing businesses across virtually every industry and in every corner of the planet. With 13 bestselling books sold in 65 countries (and he has just released his 14th book) and a client base that includes organisations such as the European Union, CBS, Hewlett Packard, Hertz and Telstra, to mention just a few of the 500 organisations he has worked with, he is clearly sought after to provide advice and wisdom for the smallest of businesses to the largest of organisations.

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