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Why Is Self-Leadership So Important In Our Workplaces?

Due to the fast-paced & complex world that we live in, it has become more important than ever that everyone within a business, from the owner through to the intern, embraces the concept of self-leadership.

The reason for this is that the self-leaders in our workplaces are the ones who have the skill & determination to do what is necessary to influence themselves so that positive outcomes unfold. They get things done, they make the most of opportunities, & they create an environment of trust, respect & collaboration.

Self-leaders get things done, they make the most of opportunities, & they create an environment of trust, respect & collaboration.      Click to tweet

Three Important Self-Leadership Skills

1. Cope Better With Stress

Self-leaders can perform better under pressure, manage their workload, deal with tricky customers (or colleagues), and understand what they need to put in place (professionally and personally) so they don’t spiral out of control into burnout.

Typical mental health compensation claim is $24,500, compared to $9,000 for all other and the time off work is 15.3wks, compared to 5.5 weeks for all other claims.*

91% of workers compensation claims in Australia claims involving a mental health condition was linked to work-related stress and pressure.*

2. Adapt To Change

Self-leaders have the ability to be flexible and can bend rather than break during high-pressured times.      Click to tweet   This is a skill that only the most sought-after professionals in any industry have.

What are you doing to strengthen the resilience muscles of your staff so you attract and retain the very best in your industry?

3. Can Do Attitude

Self-leaders collaborate better with their colleagues; they interact better with their customers; and they find solutions rather than problems.

The businesses that invest in building self-leadership skills amongst their teams, will not only build their brand & improve their culture, but will also be protected from losing their most talented staff – from burnout, boredom or bickering.

My book, Her Middle Name Is Courage, is a conversation about how resilient self-leaders are making the biggest differences in our workplaces & our world. You can order a personally signed copy by here.

* Safe Work Australia

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