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Daily Growth Habits: Choices that Transform Careers

“Where you are is a result of who you were, but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.” What a great quote from Hal Erod. The choices we make every day, have a ripple effect on our lives. They impact who we are today and who we are going to become tomorrow.

We know that there will always be curveballs that can take us a little off track and sometimes, there are cannonballs that knock us to our knees. We know this to be true, but let’s dig deep into the skills and wisdom we have learnt from our past experiences, and apply those insights to our new situation so that we can keep moving forward. Let’s turn the challenges that we can’t control into opportunities for growth.

If you (like me) are in pursuit of an amazing year, it starts with the choices we make today. Let’s prioritise purposeful decisions to ensure we do become the talented professionals that we are destined to be (i.e. if we are not already there!)

So today I ask you, despite the challenges and responsibilities that you have, who do you choose to be this year and what will you do to make sure that happens?

🌼A professional who is energised due to the sustainable habits that you have worked so hard to implement, rather than making choices that leave you feeling time-poor and fatigued; or

🌼A knowledge worker who sets boundaries around your workload, rather than choosing to say “yes” to too many projects; or

🌼A future-focused leader who prioritises a growth mindset rather than choosing to be resistant to the changes you can’t control.

For me, choosing to have a razor-sharp focus each day so I can achieve my goals is an absolute priority.

As Atomic Habits author, James Clear says, "New goals don't deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results."

I have thought long and hard about this quote and how it applies to the lifestyle that I need to create for myself, and this starts with epic daily organisation so I can focus on what will take me to the next level of my career. I admit, that I can get distracted at times, but this leaves me feeling pooey at myself for not maximising my time and doing what I know is important.

So what I have done to overcome this is to create a Daily Growth Book that ensures I can focus on the areas of my life that I know will help me to become the person I want to be. I have always loved ticking things off a list and this creation has meant I get a dopamine hit each time I tick something off.

It’s small and fits in my handbag and it is definitely not fancy pants, but it has made a big difference to my life.

I have no idea if this process will be useful to you, but it may trigger an idea that will help you take action on whatever you think will support you to become the person you want to be this year.


My Daily Growth Book:

I have a quarter of an A4 page dedicated to each day, and these pages have the following five areas that are important to me.

  1. Micro-wins:

The first thing I do each day as soon as I sit at my desk, is think about the two micro-wins I have had in the last 24 hours. A personal one and a business one. I love starting with the things that I should be celebrating. The small things that occur every day remind me of the progress I am making. For example, this morning my personal micro-win was that I did some batch cooking, and my business micro-win was that I got booked to speak at a conference in Singapore.

  1. Habits:

There are four habits for me that I expect of myself every day. I don’t have a minimum or maximum time for them, because some days are hectic, and they need to be done quickly. But even on those intense days, ticking these off reminds me that I am a disciplined human who knows what will help me be the person I want to be. The four habits I focus on are Stillness, Movement, Writing and Learning.

  1. Focus:

I commit to three important tasks every day. These are non-negotiable and I have definitely got into the habit of prioritising these over the administration that can override all our good intentions. When I know there are only three important things for me to focus on, not only does it force me to think about what’s most important, but it also means I don’t set myself up for failure, which has happened in the past when my list has been too long.

  1. Connection

Over the last few years, I have realised that staying connected to great people makes a real difference to my mental health and to my momentum at work. So each day, I decide on three people in my professional life and one person in my personal life that I would like to send a text, LinkedIn message, or email. It’s not a sales connection, it’s more of an “I’m thinking of you for xyz reason” type connection.

  1. Bits and Bobs

This is where I write all those little bits and bobs that pop into our heads of things we need to do at some stage. They may not be a priority on that particular day, but I find if I write them down, they are out of my head and I will get to them eventually. This helps me keep my focus on the three most important tasks for the day, rather than getting unimportant tasks on my ‘to-do’ list.

Again, this is what is working for me, not something I believe everyone would benefit from. The idea of me sharing it though, is to show you that sometimes it is small adjustments, a change in a process and/or a new habit that can be the catalyst for great achievements.

Our career is ours to shape.

Our day is ours to shape.

Our life is ours to shape.

What choice have you decided on to ensure the next twelve months become your most remarkable chapter? Send me an email and share your commitment to this.

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