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The importance of financial year reflection

It’s a new financial year. Oh my goodness, how is this possible?

As you scurried to the end of the last one, did you find a smidge of time to stop and reflect on what you had achieved? This is an important but often overlooked step in giving us the momentum to keep going.

If we just keep on striving for more without reviewing the gains we have made, then it may feel like our wheels are spinning and that we are never enough. That’s a horrible way to feel.

I admit I didn’t do this exercise over the last two years because it felt like there had not been a lot to feel good about, but I did do it this year, and I can’t tell you how good it made me feel.

I know that if you are still standing after such a tumultuous time, it means you would also have achieved big or small things that have kept you moving forward. Please take the time to acknowledge this with yourself, as well as others who are important to you. Or if these are workplace achievements, acknowledge these with your team. If you would also like to share with me, I’d truly love to hear from you.

When I looked over my list of achievements from the past financial year, I realised that I had learned so much about being a better speaker and educator and I should be proud of the micro-wins that have occurred.

Here are some of the achievements that I have celebrated:

🍸  I have mastered virtual keynote speaking and virtual professional development programs</a so that I can support more leaders and their teams around the world.

🍸  I have leased a fancy-pants professional speaking studio that produces impactful presentations so my audiences feel engaged and uplifted in every session. You can get a sneak peek of that here.

🍸  I have expanded my services which has meant thousands of fabulous people have improved their professional and personal lives by implementing my practical strategies.

🍸  I have connected and collaborated with incredibly brave and delightful humans who are also on a mission to make our workplaces, communities and world a better place.

🍸  I have created 4,310 impacts for education charities around the world through my work because I believe education changes lives.

So here is a “cheers” to what has been achieved and an acknowledgement of the excitement in my tummy about what is to come over the next 12 months.

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