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How hope improves the resilience of your team

Hope is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to being able to cope with uncertainty and stress. It supports us when we are going through tough things because it helps us to imagine and look forward to a brighter future.

When we can see a brighter future, we are more likely to keep taking one more step forward.

To improve the resilience of teams so they can progress with optimism and determination, I’d like to share with you the four pillars of workplace hope.

The Four Pillars of Workplace Hope

H-ealth and Wellbeing
P-eople plus Profits
E-ffective Leadership

Health and Wellbeing

Your team members HOPE that you care about their physical, mental and social health. That you are proactively looking for ways to improve their wellbeing at work rather than depleting it.

One of the most impactful ways we do that is bringing joy into the workplace because joy connects people more powerfully than almost any other human experience, which in turn improves both our physical and mental health.

Great Places To Work have written a great article on how to connect your remote teams better.


Your team members HOPE that you give them the opportunity to learn, grow and progress.

Culture Amp data shows that 54% of immediate retention is associated with the employee’s belief that their company contributes to their development.

Plus, according to the Association for Talent Development, companies that offer comprehensive training programs enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those that spend less on training.

People Plus Profits

If you’re not profitable then there can’t be any people. Therefore, your team members do HOPE that you are making wise decisions to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the organisation, so they can keep their jobs.

But they don’t want you to focus on the bottom line to the detriment of their health and opportunities.

Effective Leadership

Last but not least, they HOPE that you will be an effective leader. That you will be calm amongst the chaos, kind even when you feel grumpy, smart despite fake news and embellished data, and a visionary who can walk with them into a brighter future with resilience and hope.

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