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Professional Resilience During Times of Stress, Uncertainty and Change!

During these extraordinary times it is easy to be in such a state of overwhelm that we forget that as leaders looking after ourselves and being proactive with strategies to build our resilience is of high importance.

What we all have to remember is that if we are wanting to successfully lead our teams, our families, and/or our community, we first need to successfully lead ourselves.      Click to tweet   We have to build our own resilience so we can exude calmness, reason and optimism amongst the panic.

Here are three actions you should try to schedule into your day to ensure you can better deal with these stressful, changeable and uncertain times.

3 Action Items:

Be Still – the world feels like it is going mad. None of us could ever have predicted such a fallout. Stress levels are at an all-time high and this is why it is so important to take 10mins a day to sit in silence, do some deep breathing, listen to a mindfulness app, or soak up the sounds of nature. Here is a video of a belly breathing exercise for you to do to help with this action item.

Move More – this does not have to be a full-out cross fit workout, it could just be gentle yoga moves in your loungeroom. The key is to keep the body moving. Take the dogs for an extra walk, stay out of stuffy elevators and take the stairs, or if you are confined to home, follow this simple workout that I have put together for you. It doesn’t require any equipment – just your willingness to move more.

Laugh Out Loudit is very easy to feel overwhelmed and scared and that’s why we must find a way each day to have a good giggle.      Click to tweet   Do you have a funny person in your life that you could have a 3min chat with? Luckily for me I’m married to an Irish Leprechaun who continuously cracks me up but if you can’t get yourself one of those, find yourself a funny person online. I personally LOVE Celeste Barber and she certainly makes me laugh out loud every day.

Would you like to know how resilient you really are right now? Take this short online resilience quiz to find out how you are dealing with the extra stress, change and uncertainty that we are all going through.

Be well. Love life.

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