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Weekend Reset

If you are taking a break this weekend, I hope you manage to find time to reset yourself. Having a mental reset is important in maintaining a positive outlook and a healthy body and mind, especially during times of stress.

Here are seven simple ways to do this.

  1. Take a technology break
  2. Go outside and immerse yourself in nature.
  3. Call a friend for a chat.
  4. Cook and share your favourite meal.
  5. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep.
  6. Say “no” to things that don’t light you up.
  7. Enjoy some chocolate or your favourite treat!

For a little bit of fun in celebration of Easter, here is a little poem I have written about this very thing.

Easter is a time for a reset,
A chance to improve our muddled mindset.
So here are some tips, not to forget,
For a relaxing Easter that is all set.

Go outside and take in nature’s grace,
Embrace the world, at a gentle pace.
With birds, flowers and the sun’s embrace,
Nature is the perfect, peaceful space.

Put down your phone and take a break,
From screens, emails, and constant eye ache.
Be calm and present while awake,
Technology-free is the new uptake.

Cook and share your favourite meal,
With family and friends, it is unreal.
With love and laughter, all will heal,
This weekend let’s be real.

Call a friend, just to say “hi”,
To catch up, laugh and let time fly.
These simple moments will amplify
Your friendship forever, so don’t be shy.

Get eight hours of peaceful sleep,
No need to fret, and please don’t weep.
With rest and dreams, the soul will keep,
Energy and hope, that’s yours to reap.

Say “no” to things, that don’t light you up,
To stress and worry, let’s give them up.
To peace and bliss, let your heart erupt,
Say yes to life, with a joyful cup.

Chocolate eggs you should never pass by
A sweet indulgence, it is worth a try.
A treat for the soul, to satisfy,
Lindt bunnies are yummy, I can’t deny.

So here’s to Easter, a time to reset,
To find new ways, to be at our best.
Taking time out can be a real test.
Happy Easter to all and let’s have a good rest!

Happy Easter everyone! 🌻

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