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Cultivating resilience in difficult times

I recently appeared as a guest on the For Love & Money Podcast, hosted by the wonderful Carolyn Butler-Madden - a show where business and social purpose meet to inspire a movement for positive change and explores the intersection of purpose and profit (love and money).

Leaders of the movement for purpose-led business will face many bumps on their path to purpose. There will be resistance to the change that becoming truly purpose-driven demands of businesses and leaders. Cultivating resilience in yourself, as well as within your team, is vital to success.

By elevating the professional resilience of leaders and their teams, this enables them to make better decisions, be more innovative, have more energy, optimism and empathy, and successfully deal with change, stress, and uncertainty.

In this podcast episode, I provide proven strategies for cultivating resilience and discuss why resilience is so important if you are going to go the distance. I also share my back story that has lead me to becoming a trusted expert and keynote speaker on resilience.

Other topics Carolyn and I cover in this episode include:

  • My actual “petrol bomb” moment – a frightening and confronting life-changing experience – and how it relates to a metaphor for the “petrol bomb moments” we all face in our lifetimes, offering advice on how to prepare for those moments.
  • The Voice Referendum result in Australia and the impact of the No result on First Nations People, as well as non-indigenous supporters of the Yes campaign. and my thoughts on how those of us who were committed supporters of the Yes campaign can respond to the feeling of disempowerment that comes from the No result.
  • The unrivalled resilience of First Nations Australians and what we all might be able to learn from that, including our moral obligation to honour the resilience of our own ancestors, by showing up to do the right thing for future generations.
  • The vicarious trauma from bearing witness to traumatic events and the deep need for connection with like-minded others at this time.
  • I share one powerful practice we can all do at times of great adversity - scanning for the “micro-wins”.
  • I share my insights on how we can give the world "the best of us, not what's left of us" with reference to my mental health plan template.

Heidi Dening is a professional keynote speaker, author and trusted expert and educator on resilience. She regularly features in the media on this topic and believes that education changes lives. Heidi has dedicated her career to inspiring thousands of people globally with practical strategies that improve resilience, self-leadership and wellbeing, from small children on remote Pacific Islands to professional teams across numerous industries.

This information originally appeared on For Love & Money, The Podcast - Ep 51 Heidi Dening on cultivating resilience in difficult times.

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